Roehampton Partnership reaffirms regeneration support

Published: Monday 20th March 17

The regeneration of a Roehampton housing estate has taken another step forward with the unanimous support of a local group of residents, businesses and community organisations.

As plans to regenerate the Alton Estate approach a key milestone, members of the Roehampton Partnership met on Wednesday night (15 March) and unanimously voted to reaffirm their stated aims and objectives, which include: 

· Provide a forum for consultation to support and enable the long-term regeneration of Roehampton, using the collective skills and experience of its membership and by reflecting local needs and priorities.

· Provide strategic advice to organisations/agencies which are engaged in the planning, development and delivery of activities to support social, economic and infrastructure development in Roehampton.

· Support consultation with and engagement of residents and other local stakeholders on the development and delivery of regeneration activities, and ensure that issues emerging from consultation and engagement inform the Partnership’s advisory role. 

Members of the partnership were given an introductory presentation by the council’s preferred bidder for the redevelopment of the Alton estate, which is set to provide approximately 1,000 new homes as well as community facilities. They also heard how the council’s public health service will support initiatives to improve residents’ quality of life, with the council’s contractor, Enable Leisure and Culture, providing an update on a new programme of sport and physical activities for all ages named Get Out Get Active Roehampton

A range of issues were discussed, including local jobs and training, the Roehampton festival, the integration of new homes with new shops and business space, and how the impact on the estate from development work will be minimised.

The preferred bidder to be the council’s development partner for the regeneration of the Alton estate is set to be formally confirmed this week. 

The next steps for the project will see the council and its partner prepare a demolition and construction schedule which will be shared with affected residents as soon as possible. There will also be an extensive public consultation on detailed designs for the regeneration project, before a planning application is submitted to the council.  

The Roehampton Partnership is formally constituted, and its membership includes representatives from the Roehampton Club; the Roehampton Forum; residents associations from the Alton and Putney Vale estates; the Roehampton Trust; Holy Trinity Church; St Joseph’s Church; Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group; Focal Point Opticians; Wandsworth Patient Group; Roehampton Students’ Union; the Roehampton and Putney Heath ward councillors; and Wandsworth Council officers, among others. 

Cllr Paul Ellis, Cabinet Member for Housing, and Chairman of the Roehampton Partnership, said: “This was the very first introduction to local people of the partner for an ambitious programme that will help transform the area and the life chances of local people, and it was good to see that a group bringing together such a wide range of residents, businesses, public services and community groups all supporting the regeneration of Roehampton.”

For more information, please visit the council’s Roehampton webpages here.

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