Work starts on introducing borough-wide 20mph speed limit

Published: Friday 17th March 17

Work is now underway to introduce a borough-wide 20mph speed limit throughout residential areas in Wandsworth.

Council engineers are overseeing the introduction of new road markings and signage to inform drivers that they need to stick to the lower speed limit on all the borough’s residential streets.

The change, which was announced last year, followed a detailed public consultation lasting three months that saw widespread support for a 20mph limit.

Councillors from both parties represented on the council unanimously backed the change after it was announced that 59 per cent of residents who responded to the consultation supported lower speeds in quieter and less busy residential streets.

Limits will remain unchanged on Wandsworth’s busy main roads and on all Transport for London-controlled Red Routes. Results from the consultation showed that 64 per cent agreed the limit should not be reduced on main roads.

The council’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Having received a very clear result from the consultation we have now completed the necessary legal formalities and can now implement the wishes expressed by the majority of our residents.

“In my view this change will make our streets safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

“We hope that improving safety levels will encourage people to leave their cars at home and travel instead by bike or on foot.   

“If we can reduce the number of vehicles on our roads then not only will our streets be quieter and safer but there should also be an improvement in local air quality levels.”

Implementing a borough-wide 20mph limit is costing £725,000 and is being funded by a Transport for London grant.

This will pay mainly for appropriate signage and road markings to inform drivers of the lower limit. There are no plans to introduce additional speed humps or “sleeping policeman” anywhere in the borough.

Enforcement of the new limit will be carried out by the police, with the council working in support of their efforts.

The council has also pioneered the introduction of Community Speed Watch initiatives in which community leaders, crime prevention panel members and neighbourhood watch co-ordinators also take part in enforcement exercises.

Involving local communities in helping to enforce lower limits and educate drivers about the dangers of excessive speeds is now being rolled out by the Met across London.

Any revenue generated by speed fines goes direct to HM Treasury not the town hall.

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Recent comments

Absolutely a waste of money without reinforcement! I live is Eswyn Road with a 20mph limit, and every single day at any time there so many cars driving between 30mph and 40mph. A driver doing nearly 40 mph killed a resident cat, and drove off. Next time, it may be a child being killed. Do people really think that without penalizing those drivers, putting up 20mph signs, will do the job????
Sonia Barrufet

6 June 2017

This is a waste of money and police time (if they even bother to enforce it). Stopping the number of pedal-cyclists that deliberately run red lights would have been of greater benefit. I can guarantee they won't be stopped for speeding either now.
Gavin Meerwald

8 April 2017

My sat nav still tells me the limit is 30mph.Who should I believe? This is the problem.Just like all those confusing bus lanes.This is all a local government conspiracy to raise stealth taxes and screw the public.

4 April 2017

Not the site to complain... but why do dog owners seems to think collecting their dog pooh in plastic bags deserves to be put in a dustbin on the right side of Badminton Road.. Okay no front garden... but dog pooh is out of order... take it home to your own bin!

2 April 2017

There is a motorbike rider who speeds up Badminton Road at the rate of is ad hoc - mainly when dark... so cannot prepare to keep a note of number plate...When I hear the rider coming...I am too late to get to window or door he is long gone... I think this rider feels it is a race track... a straight road... so why not go at least 40/50mph....I wish someone could catch the rider ... an accident is surely going to happen at some point. The rider is either in a temper, death wish or on something.

21 March 2017

Its high time the council to listen to the residents and perhaps we'll all get somewhere. It remains to be seen how the implementation of the 20 mile speed limit will work. However it is a great start and I look forward to the changes.
Sonny Rehal

20 March 2017

Can't support this I'm afraid. Why not just go the whole hog and ban cars altogether. What's the point of a law that can't be enforced anyway. We have kids doing wheelies on mopeds up and down Queenstown road and they're now graduating to motorbikes racing around the block and the police never bother to come. How on earth are they supposed to enforce a 20mph limit on these roads. total and utter waste of money. Give it to the police to have more officers instead.

20 March 2017

more street clutter without purpose, they made the Doverhouse conservation area 20mph many years ago, yet today it is still a rat run full of speeders with no enforcement in sight unless you count the numerous ugly signs they have plastered everywhere, we pay our police to police where are they? waste of tax payers money. this is just councils wasting the budgets on non impacting measures, i would like more police, or if you really want speeds down install cameras. no money for social care but money for these waste of time issues.
mark hamie

20 March 2017

Well given the response to this story, judging by the emails, support for the 20mph would appear to be in question. Also please explain why, in relation to privacy and data protection, the Council puts up the first and last name of those who post. I can see why the Council might want to know this if it wished to check authenticity of the poster, but to share this with anyone who wishes to view it is unnecessary. It could also invoke unwanted contact for the poster - initials only to appear should be quite adequate, particularly as to print a full name could prevent participation. I suggest you review this policy.
Anne Dettmer

19 March 2017

Fantastic - I can now break the speed limits on my bike !

18 March 2017

We complained about the traffic calming on burntwood Lane being dangerous and Jonathan cook said it wasn't best practice today but wouldncost money to change - the transport policy makes no sense out of Wandsworth. I agree about the nightingale lane traffic calming - completely nonsensical

18 March 2017

What a waste of money. Surely this is for national government policy not each council to medal and waste £1m's - do we have more money than we know what to do with, maybe the council tax increase could have been reduced then This coupled with wasting time and money fighting heathrow expansion, makes we wonder how Mr Govindia can be given a CBE - or does everyone get one in the public service if you get promoted to a certain level ?

18 March 2017

I am sure this will reduce traffic speed, however wouldn't that mean people like myself asthma suffer will be worse off due to the fumes in the area also its hard for me to get around with out a car. Plus what accidents condone wasting this money they should fix up the area the shops on main street it looks a mess. And impose all house frontages should be presentable and kept in good repair.
Dawn Skeete

18 March 2017

Agree not being able to go more than 20mph...BUT WHY the blocking of Nightingale Wk ...THIS WAS A GREAT SHORT CUT -THE AVENUE/NIGHTINGALE LANE - It is waste of money!!! Causing more congestion.. NOW traffic is forced to CONGESTED traffic lgts at Clapham Sth..This is a very silly move. Why? Also traffic islands in Nightingale Lane are race to beat them -and don't give way. Complaint - Still when trying to enter Nightingale Lane by turning lft from side turning. One has to wait for a clear rd from both ways of traffic... ie... one has to drive onto opposite side of the rd to make turn - to avoid clipping kerb. Dangerous - I am all for Traffic Calming... but this system still does not work!

18 March 2017

To make any sort of rational decision, we need to know more about injuries caused by speed. How many injuries there have been and how many of those were caused by speeding, and particularly going between 20 and 30 mph. There have been too many measures to impede driving already across London, in my view. I think time would be better spent (in the first instance ) on policing drivers jumping red lights, which has become the norm now (probably because the proportion of green light time has been so drastically reduced - although no-one at TFL or the council seems to admit this.)
n harvey

18 March 2017

Having moved in to London a year ago I despair at attempts to slow traffic from what is already painfully slow speeds due to congestion. Reduce the limit to 20mph? I wish I could reach 20mph on most journeys. If you want residential roads to be safer then tackle the congestion on your main routes - get those flowing better / faster and fewer people will take the back routes through residential areas, trying to find routes around the grid-lock. I have also found London pedestrians far more likely to walk out into slow / stop-start traffic to cross the road than wait for lights to change. The slower the traffic, the more chances they take.

18 March 2017

Anything to improve safe driving will reduce accidents save lives as well as being better for the environment. A 20mph limit is a sensible start.
Richars Stanley

17 March 2017


17 March 2017

Pointless without enforcement. Would be great for children if we could make this happen but it won't without proper enforcement with cameras etc.
Sam Davies

17 March 2017

What a waste of money....
tom brehony

17 March 2017

Utterly stupid - a sophorific speed that will probably cause more accidents than it prevents. At night when a driver is one of the few on the road it is even more pointless. And given under policing let's ensure they are all spending their time pulling over drivers doing between 21 and 30 miles on residential roads. I despair of truly stupid initiatives and under the Freedom of Information Act will require transparency of comparison Road accidents with one full yr before and after.
Anne Dettmer

17 March 2017

Liz Denton - It would affect motorcyclists by not pedal cyclists. Pedal cyclists aren't in any way bound by speed limits at the moment, so this isn't a change in the law, just moving the limits into a place where they can be broken by them (more easily - I've gone over 30 on a road bike downhill with a tail wind).

17 March 2017

"Red routes, A Roads And B ROads will not be affected" What do you call B Roads ? I just want to make sure my road will be included in the 20mph
Mrs Mayorcas

17 March 2017

You want to put more resources on stopping the youngsters flying around on Scooters with no Helmets, no number plates and no care for anyone else.They fly around at 40 - 50 MPH in residential streets knowing the Police will not chase them.
Tony Jarvis

17 March 2017

There has been a 20mph speed limit in Broomwood road for many years. It does not make the slightest difference to the majority of drivers who just ignore it. It makes me laugh to read that the police are going to enforce this borough wide speed limit with the support of the police. After years of asking Wandsworth Council to do something to address the speed in Broomwood road, all requests have been denied. The only way speed limits will be adhered to will be speed cameras, which the Council has refused to install inmBroomwood road.
Suzanne Foster

17 March 2017

OK - start again - Will this apply to cyclists and motor cyclists as well ?? Yesterday in Vicarage Crescent by the bus stop (there is only one either way) - myself and 2 at the other bus stop saw 2 motorcyclists going so fast round a blind bend - that a crash would have been fatal. Lucky to get above 10 mph on most roads. Don't see the point in 20 mph - if pedestrians obeyed the highway code & taught their off spring to be safe there would be no problems. Not actually adhered to anywhere I go in Fulham/Wandsworth/Putney
Liz Denton

17 March 2017

Great that limits are being introduced across the borough but sadly I'm not seeing any enforcement on already existing 20mph limits even where regular speeding has been reported.

17 March 2017