Schools anti-slavery project makes the headlines

Published: Friday 10th March 17

A project in six borough primary schools to teach children about modern-day slavery has appeared on the international news channel CNN as part of its Freedom Week programming.

The council gave the organisation Just Enough UK money from the Wandsworth Grants Fund to deliver workshops in schools to raise awareness of the issue among young people using comedy, drama, games, role-play and storytelling. Students are shown that slavery is not just something from history, but is happening now. 

The workshops also teach children about how to recognise risky situations and unhealthy relationships and to recognise that they have the ability to bring about change. 

CNN filmed the final workshop in the programme at Swaffield School. Feedback from the school was positive, with one teaching describing it as “fantastically engaging, moving and inspirational”. One of the students commented: “I learnt that if we don’t stand up to slavery now, then people will still get abused” 

Grants committee chairman Cllr Melanie Hampton said: “We are delighted with the success of this scheme, which clearly had a significant impact on young people.” 

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The Wandsworth Grant Fund considers funding for projects meeting these council priorities: 

  1. Arts and Culture
  2. Environment and Attractive Neighbourhoods
  3. Children and Young People
  4. Citizenship and Civic Engagement
  5. Achieving Aspirations and Potential
  6. Health and Well being

The deadline to apply for round five funding is April 18, 2017.

Applications receive a high level of scrutiny by councillors to ensure money is going where it is most needed and will have most benefit for the borough’s residents 

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A series of events will be held in the coming weeks to provide information on how to apply to the Wandsworth Grant Fund. Find out more.  

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