Work to deliver new Wandle Delta nature reserve nears completion

Published: Thursday 9th March 17

An eco-project to provide a major new aquatic habitat in the mouth of the River Wandle is nearing completion and should be unveiled by the end of the month.

The council is removing layers of contaminated sediment that have built up in the Wandle delta over the past quarter of a century.

Work to create this eco-habitat is nearly  complete

The project also includes the removal of a tidal weir to improve water flows in this stretch of the Wandle close to where it joins the Thames.

A team of divers is currently removing the last remnants of the weir and are on course to complete the task within the next two to three weeks.

Improving water flows and removing sludge and silt to expose the gravel river bed will help restore a wildlife habitat measuring roughly a hectare in size that has the potential to become a spawning area and nursery for young fish.

The council’s environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We are nearing the final stages of this exciting eco-project that will breathe new life into the Wandle.

“Removing the sludge and silt that has built up over the years and allowing the water to flow much more freely will hopefully restore a thriving habitat for fish and other aquatic wildlife. It will also encourage a much wider range of plant life to flourish in the river again.”

The project is being funded by Thames Water as part of its work to improve water quality, restore lost wildlife habitats and offset the impact of its Thames Tideway Tunnel. The scheme is also supported by The Environment Agency, the Marine Management Organisation and the Port of London Authority.

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Recent comments

I can't wait to go there and watch the wild life return. It won't take them long to find it and settle in!
marilyn maguire

13 May 2017

I can't wait to go there and watch the wild life return. It won't take them long to find it and settle in!
marilyn maguire

13 May 2017

Good news but could this be emulated at the Beverly Brook weir and along the bankside from Putney Common to the Thames as well? It is so sad to see water birds among the debris, and we get some herons and mandarin ducks down there as well? Could a volunteer action group help at all?
Wendy Robins

5 April 2017

This is excellent, vital work for the environment and enjoyment of visitors of all ages and interests. Many thanks.
R A Winton

24 March 2017

This is a wonderful project do you need volunteers to help in any way
Patricia Saunders

12 March 2017

Wonderful that at last the wandle will be a river to celebrate ! All very exciting ! Excellent work Thank you
Anne saxton

12 March 2017

Well done! Worth the effort and expense.
Helen Clough

11 March 2017

I look forward to the improvements at the Wandle Delta, which should increase the amount of wildlife and biodiversity there; it will certainly encourage me to visit the area again. before the work, I once saw 2 kingfishers there - a very special experience.
Sarah Wallace

10 March 2017

Great news!
Jenny Scott-Thompson

10 March 2017

Does anyone know what ever happened to the old boat hull that used to be visible at low tide in the mud in the Wandle Delta area near the bridge next to the gasowrks site?
Ian Stanbury

10 March 2017