Emma wins £25k green makeover for her school

Published: Wednesday 1st March 17

Nine year-old Emma Peon has won her school, Hotham Primary in Putney, a £25k energy makeover.

Emma took second place in the British Gas Generation Green Smarter Power competition, beating 4,000 other young artists.

Her winning comic strip was chosen by judges including Beano artist Nigel Parkinson, and illustrated the importance of putting a full load in the washing machine, the right amount of water in the kettle, and using a smart meter to monitor energy use.

Now Hotham will get £25,000 of energy saving devices, including solar panels, LED lighting and a new energy efficient boiler, which together could save the school up to £7,000 a year on their fuel bills.

Sarah Martin Headteacher at Hotham said: “Emma’s comic strip was outstanding and we’re proud that she’s won an energy makeover for our school. The makeover will help us to save energy every day and will inspire our pupils now and in the future to be more energy efficient.”

The council’s education spokesman Cllr Kathy Tracey said: “Well done to Emma! Her creativity has won her school a fantastic prize that will reap benefits for years.”

Nearly every child being taught in a Wandsworth primary school is attending either a good or an outstanding one, according to education standards watchdog Ofsted. Currently 92 per cent of Wandsworth’s primary schools are classed as either good or outstanding.

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Well done Emma, fabulous for you and your school, and inspiring for everyone. Good to read this after all the doom and gloom in the news daily. Can we have an image of Emma's cartoon on line?
Heather Haskins

2 March 2017