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Published: Friday 17th February 17

Councils and community groups from across the south east are working together to expose the true impact of expanding Heathrow Airport amid claims the Government’s on-going consultation is misleading millions of people.

Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor and Maidenhead councils are highlighting all of the serious health, noise, traffic and pollution impacts of the third runway plan, which are conspicuously absent from the Department for Transport’s (DfT) publicity. 
Among the key issues they expose are: 

Earlier this month the DfT sent details of the Heathrow expansion scheme to millions of people listing its potential benefits but failing to explain any negative impacts like increased air pollution or aircraft noise.   

Details of the new flight paths serving the new Heathrow runway are not included anywhere in the consultation so millions of people simply cannot tell if they are under a new take-off or arrival route.

The DfT's consultation roadshow is also designed to garner support for expansion rather than present a balanced picture and invite feedback, according to the councils.

Cllr Ravi Govindia, leader of Wandsworth Council, said:

“The Government is highlighting the benefits of Heathrow expansion and ignoring the drawbacks. They’re approach is more in-line with a commercial marketing campaign than a statutory public consultation. I strongly urge local residents to examine this proposal closely and in the coming weeks and to respond to the Government.”

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Friday 24 February 2017, 11.00am to 8.00pm Putney Leisure Centre, Dryburgh Road, London SW15 1BL

For the full list of events see the Government website.

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Recent comments

I moved to the area a couple of years ago so that I could be nearer to the airport as my employment depends on it. When I discuss this topic with various neighbours at social gatherings almost without exception they are totally baffled by the hysteria it generates. Please stop wasting council taxpayers money pandering to the needy nimbys and promote better links to the Heathrow.

20 February 2017

Very much agree with the Council's presentation of the downsides of Heathrow expansion that the Government is most at pains to deny. The key issues for me are where the new flight paths will be and what will happen to night flights and the 50% respite that Wandsworth residents currently get. And to those who say people should not complain if they knowingly bought a house under a flight path - what about those people who are *not* currently overflown who will be in future due to changed flight paths? If you bought a house deliberately away from the existing flight paths based on previous promises that Heathrow would not be expanded, but now *will* be overflown and suffer noise and pollution, surely you have every right to object?

20 February 2017

Those that think people should put up with the noise and are to blame for buying a property near an airport need to understand that people have made life decisions based on previous promises. Those opposing the airport due to noise haven't simply "become used to it" otherwise there wouldn't be so much opposition or complaints into Heathrow. Further, it's not just about the noise as this article clearly points out. There are 40,000 deaths attributed to air pollution in the UK. If that many deaths were caused by anything else, the cause would be immediately stopped.

18 February 2017

I hate the thought of having more planes flying over London, I don't know where the new fly paths will be but we will be effected. PLEASE STOP the heathrow expansion it should never happen just think what it will do to our health and the environment we do not want any more noise and pollution.
Julie Younger

18 February 2017

Good to see the usual shill comments from the vested interests that pop on every Heathrow comments board.. "those complaining most knowingly bought their properties under flight path' and 'we never hear the aircraft noise traffic is much worse'. They are so predictable but funny how they never turn up at meetings. Heathrow needs to be honest about the flight path changes which they switch around on a whim without any consultation. They need to be honest about future night flight plans. And with all this smog and pollution currently killing us off how much worse will it be post a new runway or possibly 2 and all the subsequent extra plains flying over our homes..
James Newbound

18 February 2017

Why is so much waste of money being spent on these consultations they have all been done before. This money could go to the NHS which is in dire need. Also those who seem to be complaining the most are the ones that bought their properties knowing that they were living under a flight path and I would have thought had an inkling as the world progresses that expansion was more than likely. I live under a flight path and have got used to the noise and most people in various situations where noise pollution is known seem to be able to adjust to this, to a certain extent it is human nature to become used to certain things and adjust. I applaud those that think our council tax is being frittered away on such matters.
Frank White

18 February 2017

We live in York road battersea we don't hear aircraft noise in the early mornings or during the day the traffic noise in York road is much louder which drowns out the aircraft noise. It's something we have asked wandsworth council to do something about before they gave planning permission but they don't listen as usual. We do sympathise with people that live in quieter areas. again we don't know what it is to hear a aircraft in the mornings thanks to wandsworth councils planning committee. If the truth is known the aircraft are flying over councilors homes.
len james

17 February 2017

Unacceptable. Our lives are already full of airplane noises and the early morning aircraft noise is a sleep depriver. Enlarge Stanstead instead.
Paula atkins

17 February 2017

I dont know what the issue is for Wandsworth. I dont hear the plane noise at all. Why are we wasting all this time and money when we need a big airport in the post Brexit world ?

17 February 2017