Fairfield ward residents get to ask the questions

Published: Tuesday 24th January 17

Residents living in the Fairfield ward area covering Wandsworth town centre will have the chance to quiz local councillors and senior town hall officials about any issue of concern or interest at a special feedback session next week.

The latest in a series of Let’s Talk’ meetings will be held on Thursday, February 2 and give local people the chance to deliver their verdicts on the range and quality of the public services they receive.

Residents can choose any issue to discuss, with popular topics at previous meetings including parking, street cleaning, recycling, schools, housing, policing, public transport and local NHS provision.

The area covered by Fairfield ward

The sessions are designed to give people a direct way to highlight local issues with their elected representatives and town hall officials.

The meeting is being held in St Anne’s Church Hall, often referred to locally as “the pepperpot church”
in St Ann’s Crescent. It will begin at 7.30pm.

It will be attended by the three Fairfield ward councillors Piers McCausland, Will Sweet and Stuart Thom, plus the leader of the opposition Simon Hogg. The meeting will be chaired by a member of the council’s cabinet.

Senior town hall officers will be on hand to answer questions from the audience and listen carefully to ideas and suggestions on how services could be improved.

People who are unable to attend can submit questions in advance via the council’s website at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/letstalk. A summary of the issues raised by residents will be posted on these web pages after the meeting.

People with a disability who require support or assistance to attend should call Gareth Jones on (020) 8871 7520 or email garethjones@wandsworth.gov.uk.

A leaflet advertising the meeting has been hand delivered to very home and business in the ward.

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In my opinion this development is hugely overdoing it. The surrounding area already has Thousands of flats being built and that have been been built and we quite honestly do not need more. The infrastructure in the area just cannot take it. The train station needs to be developed before anymore residential units. A tube station needs to be developed as well - I heard talk of one being brought into either the ram or southside which would be amazing. Basic infrastructure is needed over anything else. Personally homebase is so much useful to this area than hundreds of new apartments and high rise buildings. i truly hope this development does not go ahead as it will ruin the lovely villagey feel of wandsworth town.
Chris sparrow

3 February 2017

Can you tell me why I have no double glazing windows when I live yards from 6 bars. The council can find money for people to walk on putting down new pavement, but don't care about my sleep my life or my health
Sheila Thompson

28 January 2017