Last chance to comment on proposals to tackle begging and street drinking in Tooting

Published: Thursday 5th January 17

Local people have another few days to comment on proposals to crack down on anti-social behaviour in Tooting.

The council is proposing to bring in a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) covering Tooting and Graveney wards and part of Bedford. The public consultation on the proposals has been extended to Tuesday (Jan 10) to give people a bit more time to respond following the Christmas and New Year break.

PSPOs were brought in under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. It will mean the police are able to confiscate alcohol and give them more powers to deal with beggars and people behaving in an anti-social way.

Over the last 12 months there has been an increase in street drinking and begging in Tooting Town Centre. The proposed PSPO would be used in conjunction with the existing policy of sending drug and alcohol outreach workers into the community to engage with street drinkers and encourage them to get treatment.  The PSPO aims to target organised and aggressive begging, not homeless people. Those genuinely in need will receive help from the appropriate services.

Community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We have heard local people’s complaints about an increase in anti-social behaviour in this part of the borough. Imposing a PSPO will give our community safety team and the police more powers to do something about persistent bad behaviour that is damaging the quality of life of people living in the area.

“But first we want to know what local residents and businesses think about the proposal, and I would urge anyone with a view to get in touch.”

Local businesses, schools, churches, London Underground, St George’s Hospital and other local people and organisations have been asked for their views.

Local residents who wish to comment can see more details here.

To have your say contact the council’s Community Safety Division by January 10.

Call (020) 8871 6254/8895


The area covered by the proposed PSPO

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Recent comments

I am writing to express my concerns about Wandsworth council's proposed PSPO. I have been a local resident since childhood. I also have direct experience of racist policing. I fear this order will give too much power to the police to harrass otherwise law-abiding persons because they look "suspicious." From what I read of the scope of the order from the council website, I am concerned the measures are too vague and too broad. I want the streets to be safe but I believe there can be other ways of doing this without giving the police additional powers which curtail on our liberties. I want assurances that the community will have opportunities to hold the police to account.
Talha Ahsan

9 January 2017

I agree with actions on all anti-social behaviours. I am however dismayed and challenged with the number of homeless people that appear to have to resort to begging and would be interested also in the council unveiling it's complementary strategy to provide alternatives to homelessness in the borough in an age of relentless gentrification.
Roger Stephenson

8 January 2017

I agree with the introduction of the new orders the amount of beggars in Tooting harassing people had definately gone up. Also the number of alcohol drinkers begging has also sadly increased
Mrs Ward

7 January 2017

I am very happy with this and fully support this move. I am a member of the local safer neighbourhood team and I am personally aware that we have the support of almost 95% of the residents in this area. Good Luck
Raj Selvakumar

6 January 2017

While I approve of banning drinking alcoholic beverages in the street I am concerned at the proposal to stop begging. This will just move this to other areas. Just outlawing begging is not the answer to this problem. We need to understand the nature of the problems and provide a solution for those who are homeless and without support.
L Cross

6 January 2017

This is a good thing. I live in Gilbey Road which is a hotspot for all manner of anti-social behaviour. At the Tooting High Street end of Gilbey Road, residents have to suffer people consuming alcohol in groups, men urinating, people vomiting and a level of daily fly-tipping that causes obstructions on the pavement for buggies and wheel chairs and beggars belief that this situation is allowed to continue fouling up the road for residents and passers-by alike. Any measure to help with all these examples of anti-social behaviour is welcome.
Helen Duxbury

6 January 2017

We live very close to the tube station and have noticed on the last few years the number of beggars has increased at an alarming rate. Furthermore, I have never supported the drink to get drunk as I work in the NHS and apart from violence, vomit and feeling quite apprehensive passing the likes after a long day at work I full support this campaign. Thank you for taking these issues on board Wandsworth. Tooting is really a great place to live and this would really help the environment and make it more family friendly. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Dominique maskey

6 January 2017

I am fully behind this. I would echo others comments that I hope it doesn't shift the problem to other areas in the borough such as Furzedown. It does cause a lot of unsightly litter with discarded bags with cans in - and having lived in Tooting Broadway for the past 18 months it does seem to have got worse. Amen Corner, the benches at the end of Church Lane and outside Gala Bingo seem to be the worst places.
David Gardner

6 January 2017

I fully support this proposal. If street drinking is not tolerated the associated anti social behaviour will no doubt cease too. Littered streets and poor behaviours are indeed damaging the quality of life for residents and visitors to this area.
Brendan Foley

5 January 2017

Great idea and I support but the problem is not only in Tooting but also in Earlsfield and Garratt Lane. I hope that the problem does not shift to another area within the borough though...

5 January 2017

You probably know about our resident beggar in Putney,who was there for years. Looking sadly pathetic with his dog. A Putney resident followed him home one night and was astonished to find he lived in a £400,000.00 luxury flat! Now he is working Piccadilly. Rumour has it, he now has enough spare cash to buy a Knighthood. Sir Burlington Burty. Sorry about the joke but the rest of it is true.
Steve Spence

5 January 2017

There are similar problems at the planters around the Brocklebank Health Centre in Garratt Lane, Earlsfield. It gives the centre a very bad image. A seat there was removed but the low walls around the area are used instead. Trash is just dumped on the "gardens".
Celia Blair

5 January 2017

The proposed area should be extended to include Furzedown and Mitcham lane. Street drinking and littering are persistent problems in this area too and only seem to be getting worse. Perhaps the worst things I have witnessed is drug dealing on Mitcham Lane and frequent incidents of public urination.
Sean Davidson

5 January 2017

Further to the proposed public protection order I suggest that it's extended to include Furzdown, especially the areas around Mitchum Lane and to the west of Mitcham Lane especially Eardley Road. Street drinking and the associated litter is a continual issue namely: - the entrance to Potters Lane - the alleyway between Eardley and Mitcham Lane - the route along Eardley Road all the way to Streatham Common station and back again Every morning we are faced with cans and bottles dropped by the street drinkers. And this is a problem that isn't getting better.
Sarah Turner

5 January 2017