Last chance to have say on Quietway cycle routes consultation

Published: Friday 16th December 16

Residents and businesses have until midnight on Sunday to comment on updated proposals for two new Quietway cycle routes through Wandsworth.

Quietways are being installed across the capital by Transport for London which wants to create a network of quieter and less busy backstreet routes that inexperienced and less confident cyclists would be happier using.

Two of the proposed routes would affect Wandsworth – one linking Clapham Common to Wimbledon (Quietway 4) and another running between Waterloo and  Norbury (Quietway 5).

Quietway 4 would run from Trewint Street in Earlsfield to Clapham Common West Side via Summerley Street, Garratt Lane, Magdalen Road, Alma Terrace, Dorlcote Road, Wandsworth Common, Bolingbroke Grove, Blenkarne Road, Thurleigh Road, Wroughton Road, Roseneath Road and Walsingham Place

This route has been amended following earlier consultation and no longer includes a proposal to introduce a signalised crossing in Garratt Lane at the junction with Trewint Street and Waynflete Street. Instead it would divert along Summerley Street and pass through the junction of Garratt Lane with Magdalen Road. Views are now sought on this proposed new section of route.

Quietway 5 would enter the borough from neighbouring Lambeth at Windmill Drive on Clapham Common before heading south via Nightingale Walk, Nightingale Lane, Alderbrook Road, Malwood Road, Cathles Road, Cavendish Road,  Bedford Hill and via the existing cycle route on Tooting Bec Common.

Following an earlier consultation TfL has agreed that the tarmac/asphalt surface of the existing cycle route on Tooting Bec Common could be replaced with Breedon gravel, which is considered a more suitable surface for the common that should also act to modify cyclists’ behaviour and so reduce the likelihood of conflict between cyclists and other common users.

Views are also being sought on further modifications to the route across the common which are now proposed following the previous consultation.

These include re-routing the Quietway on to the diagonal path that runs from Bedford Hill to the lido car park. This would require the consent of the secretary of state, but if approved TfL has said this surface could also be replaced with Breedon gravel.

This route would mean that the existing horse ride, which is popular with runners and joggers would be left unchanged and that the area outside the playground on Chestnut Avenue would also no longer form part of this Quietway.

To find out more about the proposals, view maps of the proposed routes and register your views as part of the consultation visit

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Recent comments

I am sure that the proposal for the magdalen/Garrett lane junction would be unsafe for pedestrians on this busy corner with the station entrance close by so oppose it.
Jonathan jagger

17 December 2016

I Totally endorse the views expressed by Roger Macey, herein, good common sense, an ingredient lacking in many parts of our society.
John J

17 December 2016

I fully support the proposal. Less cars and more cycling for Wandsworth! It would be great if more safety features could me implemented so kids and young people can use those cycle paths to go to school, for leisure etc.
Anatoliy Konyakhin

16 December 2016

If we keep on encouraging cyclists as a preference to motor cars at some cost and inconvenience ( congestion ) to the road users who pay for the roads via road tax, insurance premiums/tax then perhaps in the name of getting greener we should consider a road tax and compulsory insurance for the cyclists so they can make a contribution to the increasing costs of providing for them. All that is happening is at massive inconvenience to others who are encouraged to buy motor cars by the Government so the purchase tax and all said before can accrue to the Revenue. It is only fair to start to balance the books and the exchequer will be the beneficiary but the motor car drivers/ owners will have a fairer deal.
Roger Macey

16 December 2016