21 new council homes on the way in Roehampton

Published: Friday 16th December 16

New homes are on the way for Roehampton as part of a council housebuilding development programme.

Planning permission was granted on Wednesday (14 December) for 21 new council flats on the site of a former community centre on the Putney Vale Estate.

The development is set to be made up of nine new self-contained homes for those with physical and learning disabilities with accommodation for an on-site support officer, and 11 flats for estate residents who wish to downsize – which in turn frees up their homes for other households in need. 

Putney Vale Estate originally had two community centres, Newlands Hall and Stag House, and in 2010 residents petitioned the council for a refurbishment of the former. Services were subsequently transferred to the newly-renovated Newlands Hall, enabling redevelopment of Stag House to provide new council homes, with the support of the local residents association.

The new Stag House development is part of a supported housing programme, running since 2009, which has seen four such developments built so far in Wandsworth, with two more expected to complete within the next two years. The aim is to enable independent living, in high quality, wheelchair-accessible accommodation within Wandsworth, instead of having to place residents in lower quality residential care which is often outside of the borough.

Committee chairman, Cllr Sarah McDermott, said: “We took into account concerns such as the loss of a vacant community facility and of three parking spaces, but considered that all service provision had been moved to the renovated Newlands Hall elsewhere on the estate, and with more than 20 parking spaces on adjoining roads unoccupied. Members of the planning committee were unanimous in voting for this new supported housing.”

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Good idea i hope it comes soon enough for somebody like me, well done God bless

7 January 2017

I've applied for my housing with my 2 year old daughter this would be a good offer for us I've been waiting for the longest now

17 December 2016