Proposals out for consultation on Furzedown improvement scheme

Published: Friday 25th November 16

Residents and businesses in the Furzedown area of Tooting are being asked to give their verdicts on a set of proposals designed to smarten up and improve a key part of their neighbourhood.

The council has published plans to boost shops and businesses in the important local shopping parades around the junction of Mitcham Lane and Thrale Road.

The plans also include suggestions on making the area more attractive by removing unnecessary street furniture, laying new pavements and also installing new seating to make this key location a focal point for the community.

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They also include additional parking provision for cyclists and also more short stay parking bays to make it easier for both local shoppers and passing customers while business would benefit from extra bays for loading and unloading their goods and products.

There would be improved carriageway drainage to prevent puddles forming and also more serious flooding at this busy transport junction.

Some footpaths would be widened to give pedestrians more room and CCTV cameras would be upgraded to provide greater public reassurance and help deter crime and anti-social behaviour.

Some speed bumps at the junction of Mitcham Lane and Thrale Road could be removed and more street trees planted to make the neighbourhood greener.

Consultation on these proposals is now underway and the council is keen to hear the views of local people.

Community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Residents and businesses in this part of Furzedown have asked us to look at ways of improving the area and we have listened carefully to what they’ve said.

“As a response we have come up with a comprehensive package of measures that we think would benefit the area.

“I would like local people to now look at the proposals and tell us what they think. It is important for residents and businesses to take part in this consultation so that we can deliver the best scheme for this part of Tooting.”

A copy of the questionnaire, along with specific details of what is being proposed, is being hand delivered to 500 shops and households in the area. The questionnaire can also be completed online at

The closing date for comments is midnight on January 4.

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Recent comments

Can we please ensure that after this work is carried out, that Mitcham Lane and its problems with extreme fly-tipping is tackled. I email waste management everyday as the corner of Mitcham Lane and Blegborough Road has black bin bags, often put out on a Tuesday (bin collection day is Monday) along with the constant furniture dumping, mattresses and divan bed bases. Fines should be given to the landlords as they make plenty of money from their tenants but provide no facilities for their waste management. Some of the tenants also have to take responsibility like the rest of us, as they put out the ir rubbish bags after bin collection day. Make people responsible.

13 April 2017

More trees and to enforce illegal dumping fines in front of flats also clean streets more often.buildings have been turned into multi occupancy without adequate fire escapes Too. Encourage shop owners to renovate shopfronts
Gareth Blackmore

2 December 2016

Trees are always a good idea to soften and beautify an area. I would leave the speed bumps as they slow down the traffic, as Mitcham Lane is notoriously fast road. I am a motorist but believe that the bumps make everyone safer.
isabel spencer

30 November 2016

Parking provision that's for 'passing traffic' needs to be just that. Too often used ass permanent parking going on to Thrale Road. Also, traffic light sequences need to be looked at coming off Westcote Rd where drivers speed across the junction jumping red lights regularly and speeding down Thrale Road. Also, more trees would be great.

29 November 2016

I approve to all the changes listed to improve Mitcham Lane and at the junction of Thrale Road Hopefully it will bring more people to the area and sales in the shops will increase it will also help the elderly and disabled to gain access via parking to gain access to the Post office local doctors and shops .I look forward to all the changes ....Cctv is a must for the area to reduce local crime and dumping of rubbish .there fire helping to improve the area encouraging more people to move here and use all the local ameneties.
Gillian Rogers

26 November 2016

Have long thought this could've a lovely little shopping and sitting enclave like Hildreth street market area in Balham. Fully support this scheme
Austin Thorogood

26 November 2016