‘Gigafast’ broadband rolls out across Battersea housing estates

Published: Tuesday 25th October 16

Residents living on several Battersea council estates are being invited to sign up for a ‘Gigafast’ broadband service, thought to offer the fastest connection speeds found anywhere in London.

Over the last year, Community Fibre Ltd has been working with Wandsworth Council to install this exceptional broadband network across the Savona, Patmore, Carey Gardens, Doddington, Rollo and Surrey Lane estates.

The service has clocked download speeds of over 1,000 megabits per second (Mbit/s) – around 47 times faster than the UK average of 22.8Mbit/s (Ofcom figure).

Council residents in Battersea are invited to an event at the Carey Gardens clubroom where they can experience the remarkable speeds for themselves and speak to the Community Fibre team about the service. The event will take place on November 4 between 11am and 2pm and will cover:

  • A demonstration of the latest video streaming devices in the TV Zone
  • Testing your own device on Community Fibre’s network in the Tablet Training Zone
  • A demonstration of the new communal PC facility provided by Community Fibre within the club room
  • A chance for council residents living in sheltered schemes in Battersea to sign up to ‘internet beginner’ training sessions
  • Information on the service packages Community Fibre offer and an opportunity to sign up

There is no need to book, just turn up on the day and refreshments will be provided.

Carey Gardens clubroom is located at 234 Carey Gardens, SW8 4HW

North Battersea, recently chosen by Apple as the home of its new London headquarters, is the first part of Wandsworth to benefit from the ultra-fast broadband connection. Longer term the council’s partnership with Community Fibre Ltd aims to offer over 20,000 homes access to the Gigafast network over the next few years.

The next estates to benefit from the service are set to be Battersea Fields and Ethelburga where cabling work has already started.

Feedback from service subscribers has been positive to date, with one resident saying: “I just switched to this broadband – it’s amazing! Fastest I ever had! No landline rental! I highly recommend it!”

Using Gigafast broadband means that families are able to download films, music and browse on multiple devices at the same time with no drop in performance.

Equally, those who work or study from home could benefit from increased internet speeds and better accessibility.

The Gigafast service costs residents £40 a month to subscribe to the unlimited ‘gigabit per second’ speeds. Other packages are also available for residents that do not need a full speed service. Customers don’t have to pay a line rental charge as with other providers, and downloads are unlimited.

Tim Stranack, Business Development Director at Community Fibre, said:

“We are thrilled to see that our partnership with Wandsworth is seeing more and more homes able to access our Gigafast service, and hope that this number continues to grow.

“We’d like to ensure that as many people as possible have the fastest possible access to the Internet.

“This investment is providing residents with the opportunity to access state-of-the-art download speeds, and bringing the future of broadband right to people’s front doors.”

To sign up for Gigafast broadband in your home, or for more information, please visit the Community Fibre website.

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I tried to apply for a connection but there seems to be no plant to connect to our Old Chesterton building. When can we expect to be connected ?
Hans Peter Doorneweert

25 January 2017

I live in a third-world area in terms of broadband speed and the cabinet will not be updated. Why are only council estates receiving this upgrade? We are paying extortionate prices to the monopoly providers for low speeds. I would like to know how much council tax-payers' money has been invested in this scheme.
j karna

25 November 2016

While some estate get gigafast broadband, others are penalised because attached to a cabinet that Openreach thinks it's not worth upgrading, and if we want faster broadband we have to raise the money ourselves. Thank you Wandsworth for leaving us in the dark ages, with broadband speed way lower than the national average, it shows that all you care of is making the news.

1 November 2016

Im glad of this news, but is it valid also for Arthur Court? Thank you
Claudio Ciucci

31 October 2016