Get flu safe this winter

Published: Monday 26th September 16

Wandsworth residents are urged to get their flu jab, to help avoid catching the potentially serious illness.

Cllr Maddan gets his flu jab from Harsha Vara at the Putney Pharmacy

Flu is highly infectious and is much more serious than a cold - it may lead to a hospital stay and for some people it can even kill.

The best way to protect yourself is to get an annual flu jab before the start of the flu season, which is usually around October. Some people can get a free vaccine, and the council’s public health team is urging them to get the jab from their GP or some local pharmacies.

The following groups are eligible for a free jab:

  • The over 65s
  • People with a serious medical condition
  • Pregnant women
  • Carers
  • Front-line health and social care workers
  • Children over the age of six months with a long-term health condition 

A free flu vaccine for children in the form of a nasal spray is available from your GP for children aged two, three and four and at schools for children in years one, two and three. The school flu programme will be extended over the next few years to children in other year groups.

The flu virus changes annually so you will need to make sure you have your flu jab once every year for it to work.

Wandsworth ‘s health spokesman Cllr Jim Maddan said:

“You can quickly, safely and easily get a flu jab from your doctor or pharmacist. Flu can be serious and not getting the jab can put you and your loved ones at risk.”

To find out more speak to your GP or local pharmacist or visit

You can also download an NHS leaflet here.

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