Help trial new Wandsworth Report It app

Published: Wednesday 7th September 16

Wandsworth has launched a new app to make it easier to report problems such as graffiti or flytipping to the town hall.

The app, currently being trialled by the council, is available for Android and IOS devices and you can use it to request services and report problems including:

  • Flytipping
  • Graffiti
  • Flyposting
  • Overgrown trees
  • Damaged paving
  • Overflowing or damaged litter bins
  • Missed bulky or DIY waste collection
  • Missed recycling collection
  • Broken street lights or traffic signals
  • Request recycling sacks
  • Request a street clean

All you have to do when you see a problem is take a photograph on your phone and report it via the app.

The council’s finance spokesman Cllr Guy Senior said:

“We can now offer our residents this quick and easy way to report issues and request services. It saves them time and trouble and enables us to respond quickly and efficiently.

“We already make it easy to contact us online, but we know people increasingly prefer to use their mobile phone to report problems on the go.”

To download it search for ‘Wandsworth Report It’ on the Apple or Android store, or access it via the council’s website at

You can also use the My Account page to manage your council tax and benefits accounts online.

If you are having any problems fill in this form.


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Recent comments

Why not just link to the apps?
Sam Putton

21 October 2016

Hi, We just wanted to drop in here to say that if you're having technical problems with the Wandsworth Report It app or website, please let us know by visiting Just to clarify, we provide the service that passes your reports on rather than dealing with the actual issues - that's down to the council. However we're keen to make sure that the technology is working properly. Incidentally, we also provide the same service for Newham. Best regards, Support@LoveCleanStreets
LoveCleanStreets Support

17 October 2016

Where is the link to the app?
Al Bogdanovski

4 October 2016

It's all very well making it easy to request recycling bags but are you actually going to action the request? We've requested more bags on 4 occasions over the last month or so to no avail. We've no bags left so recycling items are going in the normal rubbish. This is appalling inefficiency. You can't even pick bags from the local library anymore.

1 October 2016

Ive tried using this app and, the report that I submitted has still not been dealt with.
Tony Evans

24 September 2016

It just gets worse ! The 'email validation' process I described in my previous comment eventually sent me an email that on clicking a link in it, enabled me to go to the next step, reviewing my saved report. However, it cannot be sent because firstly I have not attributed any 'category' to my report (and there are no categories yet, the app says), and secondly there is no way of stating location that the app app-ears to recognise. Stuff like this shouldn't be let out on its own. This is not finished, is not fit for purpose, and giving it media airtime at this stage in its development betrays an underlying contempt for its ostensibly intended users.
Robin N. Bishop

12 September 2016

Unfortunately, the app doesn't work - on trying to send a report (at least it appears to have been saved) I am told my email address has not been 'validated' and a message has been sent to it to tell me how to do so. Even after going through the procedure of 'CONFIRM'ing my email address a dozen times, no email has arrived at the address I have given. The placeholder pages for 'help' and 'privacy' are pretty shabby, even for an app in development. As ever with Wandsworth Borough Council, the overriding impression is of a body that claims to want to elicit input from its cash cows, but is not actually interested in receiving any sort of criticism. An app that doesn't work is all of a piece with this mindset.
Robin N. Bishop

12 September 2016

Newham have had a similar and even better designed app for ages now. When will this dinosaur council start to catch up with technology on time! Website looks 10 years out of date too
A. Ahmad

12 September 2016