Report Clapham Common noise issues to Lambeth Council

Published: Thursday 25th August 16

Local residents affected by the South West Four music festival on Clapham Common this weekend are being encouraged to report noise issues to Lambeth Council.

The boundary between Lambeth and Wandsworth runs through the common, but the green space is managed and maintained solely by Lambeth.

To log a noise issue call (020) 3137 6716.

Wandsworth Council, and Wandsworth residents living next-door to the common, have repeatedly objected to the Clapham Common events programme which includes music festivals and other loud events.

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I live probably 1km from the site of the sw4 stage. Usual road noise Lambeth say! What a load of rubbish - 3 kids, one with exams tomorrow am are being kept awake by the boom, boom. It is louder than when our next door neighbours kids had their 18th - at least they had the decency to warn us, invite us and hold it on a Saturday night. If this was a party in a house nearby the council would be doing something about it? Quite scandalous - by all means host the odd concert but not on the bank holiday evening until 10.30
Richard Carter

29 August 2016

It's not right to play petty politics like this. How would Wandsworth Council react if Lambeth did this over events like Formula E?! The comments of many residents, including people like me who live close to the Common who welcome music festivals and want people to experience the joy and camaraderie they can engender are just ignored. People who object to something have no more or less right to their opinion as those who support it. A more balanced statement would have been better - noting that 'some' residents complained is fine, imply that most did isn't.
Simon Shields

26 August 2016

Festivals and other loud events - you're living in a urban city. Get over it or head to the countryside for a few days. As a resident who lives near the common it's great that we have such events on.

26 August 2016