Tooting Bec street improvements nearing completion

Published: Thursday 28th July 16

Work is nearing completion on a community-led street improvement scheme that’s brightened up a residential area of Tooting Bec.

Stapleton Road, which runs adjacent to the southern entrance to Tooting Bec tube station is getting a facelift after local residents were asked what improvements they would like to see in their street. 

A facelift for this part of Tooting Bec

In a public consultation held last summer, they suggested new pavements, more street trees and better cycle parking facilities.

These are all being installed, along with a wider and more pedestrian friendly space at the junction with The Upper Tooting Road and the removal of all unnecessary street furniture.

New pedestrian safety measures have also been introduced at the junctions with Wheatlands Road and Netherfield Road.

The project is part of an initiative designed to encourage residents to come together and get more involved in shaping their neighbourhoods.

This area was chosen as it lies midway between Balham and Tooting Broadway and has less of a community identity than those two areas. It is also a part5 of the borough that has lacked a residents’ association, a neighbourhood watch and where no street parties have been held in recent years

The council’s community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “As well as smartening up this part of Tooting Bec, the project has brought local people together to talk about their neighbourhood and how it could be improved.

“Their suggestions were pivotal in shaping this project and once it’s finished we hope local people will view it as a really worthwhile initiative.

“We will now be looking at other parts of the borough where it’s felt the local community might benefit from a similar approach.”

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I live on Fishponds road and when the tree in front of my house died, it was not replaced with a new tree but instead, the hole was filled with tarmac. I have spoken to Patrick Langley and emailed him a couple of times so that a new tree would be planted in replacement, he made excuses not to plant another tree and never replied to my last email I sent him. Fishponds road looks bare and needs more trees to make it look alive, as it is the street looks like rows of greenhouses! Also Tooting high street needs a good clean, there are traders setting up shop outside closed down shops and other buildings, lately I have been seeing more of these traders even car boot sale! Is anyone going to do anything about this? J Younger
Juliette Younger

30 July 2016

I just wonder why it took four months to carry out some pretty basic roadworks on a 10m stretch of road. The work seemed to progress at the rate of two or three paving stones per day Wouldn't it have been cheaper and less disruptive to get the work over with in a few weeks?

29 July 2016