Council leader: Londoners must work together to secure city’s future

Published: Monday 27th June 16

Council leader Ravi Govindia has pledged to work with Mayor of London to represent the city’s interests in the forthcoming EU negotiations and to help secure the best possible deal for local residents and businesses.

He said: "Last week 75 per cent of Wandsworth residents voted to stay inside the EU and you could not fail to notice just how many of our young people were out on our streets taking an active role in the campaigns. The national result has disappointed the majority of local people, but as council leader I want to build on the energy this referendum generated and to ensure that Wandsworth continues to be an open and welcoming community to existing and future citizens - wherever they come from.

“The positive influence of overseas nations can be seen right across London and throughout this borough. Wandsworth is the new home to the US and Dutch Embassies, Malaysia and China have invested heavily in our regeneration zones, we have French schools, places of worship for many faiths and a great mix of nationalities from Europe and across the world. Our diversity is our strength and something we can all be very proud of.

“Internationalism is also the bedrock of our economy and nowhere is this more evident than in Nine Elms where investment from major overseas institutions is delivering thousands of new jobs, affordable homes and new infrastructure, including the Northern Line Extension which will bring the Tube to Battersea for the very first time.

“All of this will continue and in the light of last week’s referendum we must all redouble our efforts and energy to ensure London and Wandsworth is open to the world.   I am also keen to support the London Mayor in every way to represent our city’s interests in the forthcoming negotiations. London has a right to ensure that its remarkable strengths are not diluted by the process of disengagement from the European Union.

“Wandsworth has a vibrant and varied community which has lived in harmony for decades.  Its success is rooted in the dynamism and good sense of its residents. I want to leave no one in any doubt as to our determination to protect and enhance that reputation. Our efforts over decades to achieve a borough that is low tax and high enterprise, stable, well run and welcoming will be intensified in the coming months."

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Recent comments

Ravi Govindia’s hubristic attitude to a democratic decision of the British people is shameful. If he does not understand the value of democracy and common law he’s in the wrong job (and party). The absurd whingeing of anti democrats since June 23rd is proof, if such were needed, why we desperately need to get out of the putative Country EU. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to give up my country, my laws and democracy to join a new country that respects none of those things that have made the UK great. The EU is rigged to ensure that it’s citizens wishes are ignored. That has not happened, yet, in the UK or Wandsworth and I shall enjoy doing my best to ensure that Govindia has time out of office to reflect on that fact.
Michael Wood

17 July 2016

This article made me feel emotional, the sentence "Diversity is our strength" of course it is, my passport is Spanish and I love this beautiful city, London is the mother of all nationalities, feeling proud of living here. Thanks a lot...
Marcia Henriquez Santana

3 July 2016

If the remain campaign had won the referendum there would have been a shrug of the shoulders from the leavers, accepted the majority had spoken and moved on. The disgusting behaviour of losers, is ageist, and very undemocratic. London has 38% of residents not born in this country, so it's not a very surprising result.

1 July 2016

As a Wandsworth resident for over 15 years, I have seen many changes and not all positive. As a leave campaigner I am in the minority. Whilst London has been multi cultural for many years, the ever expanding European Union with free movement has put too much pressure on all facilities. The remain voters seem not to care how many more millions of people arrive. It has to be controlled or our quality of life will deteriorate beyond recognition

1 July 2016

Good article, but it's a shame the remain supporters cannot respect the Leave voters who are in the majority - the arrogance of some of the remain group is beyond belief and in my personal view, usually based around personal selfishness, not what is best for the country in the long term. Let's all get on and move on now.

1 July 2016

I would like to salute the Council leader for clarifying the direction of travel for the residents of Wandsworth, current and future, in light of the referendum result. The democratic wishes of the majority in Wandsworth will be respected. However, this local result is in direct conflict with the national referendum result. There is likely to be new national legislation in due course that would limit the implementation of Wandsworth wishes. In the light of this divisive referendum result it would be reassuring for the leader to tell the reader and the Wandsworth residents, current and future, what efforts Wandsworth would make to narrow the rift created and unite the country at large. John Mukungunugwa
John Mukungunugwa

28 June 2016

Wonderful to see Wandsworth Council's leader supporting the Mayor's goal to protect Londoners and London's position in the upcoming negotiations. We should all get behind this and show support for the Mayor.
Ben Austin

27 June 2016

Well done, Ravi. A forthright statement, and with the kind of inclusive and welcoming vision that so many of us, regardless of party or age or origin, feel we share. And good to express support for Sadiq Khan in his mayoral efforts to protect the jobs and reputation of London as a great, open world city.
Robert Molteno

27 June 2016