Tooting by-election candidate list published

Published: Friday 20th May 16

Nominations have now closed for the Tooting Parliamentary by-election taking place on Thursday June 16.

Residents will go to the polls to elect a Member of Parliament for the Tooting constituency. 

The following candidates are standing for election:

ALLIN-KHAN Rosena Chantelle

Labour Party

COKE Des     

Christian Peoples Alliance

GLASSBROOK Alexander James

Liberal Democrats

HOPE Howling Laud

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party



JONES Elizabeth Eirwen

UK Independence Party

LOVE Ankit    

One Love Party

MALIK Dr Akbar Ali 

Immigrants Political Party

MOORE Graham Harry

English Democrats Love England - Leave EU!


Green Party






Give Me Back Elmo


Conservative Party

A list of candidates can be also found online.

Poll cards for the by-election have been sent to all eligible residents, and should be delivered by early next week at the latest.  Anyone who does not receive a poll card should contact electoral services

It should be noted that by law, only British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens can vote at UK Parliamentary elections. This means the European Union nationals on the electoral register in Tooting (other than British, Irish, Cypriot and Maltese citizens) are not able to vote at this election.

There is still time to register to vote, but you must apply by midnight 31 May.  You can register online at

If you want to request a postal vote, you must send in a completed application form by 5pm on June 1. You can download an application form from

For further information and to view a full timetable of statutory notices and dates for the by-election visit

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It seems odd to hold the by-election a week before the referendum vote. Surely there would have been significant cost savings in running polling stations/ counts by combining the dates/
Brenda Jane Gibson

21 May 2016