Sign up to pay your rent with direct debit for chance of landing a £1,000 prize

Published: Thursday 21st April 16

Council tenants who sign up to pay their rent by direct debit could win themselves a prize worth £1,000.

Shopping vouchers worth £1,000 could be won by a lucky council tenant in the borough who uses direct debit to pay their rent straight from their bank account

It is the simplest and most convenient way of paying bills and also delivers significant savings to the public purse, which helps keep rents and council tax bills at a minimum.

Assistant director of finance Kevin Legg said: “There are lots of benefits for tenants who use direct debit to pay their rent. 

“The system offers a safe, secure and convenient payment method and means they don’t have the worry or inconvenience of having to remember to pay each month. Once they have signed up they literally never have to worry about it again. As long as there is enough money in their bank account they won’t ever miss a payment or fall into arrears.

“And because direct debit reduces the collections costs incurred by town halls, the more people that sign up, the bigger the savings that can be passed back to local taxpayers.”

The vouchers are being offered by Bacs Payment Schemes Ltd (Bacs), the not-for-profit organisation that manages direct debit. Council tenants who now sign up to pay in this way will be eligible for the prize draw, while those tenants who are already paying by direct debit will be automatically entered.

Wandsworth Council is one of 15 housing providers taking part in the national campaign run by Bacs, which is offering five lots of £1,000 vouchers.

To be in with a chance of winning, tenants in Wandsworth can set up a direct debit by calling (020) 8871 8987 and choosing option 4, or by return a completed direct debit instruction form by post.

For more information about this payment method and how it works visit

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