Council tax to be second lowest in country

Published: Friday 26th February 16

The average Band D council tax charge in Wandsworth is set to be £3.51 a year lower in 2016/17 under plans agreed by councillors last night.

Members of the finance committee backed plans to increase the council’s share of the tax rate by 3.99 per cent from April. However, this will be offset by the Mayor of London’s plan to decrease his part, making the overall household bill slightly lower.

The average Band D charge in Wandsworth would be £679.91 - the second lowest tax rate in the country

The proposals will go before the full meeting of the council next month for final approval. If voted through this would be  only the second time Wandsworth Council has raised its share of the tax rate in ten years.

Under new Government rules half of the additional tax revenue raised would be ring-fenced for adult social care services

Compared to the London average, Wandsworth households would be paying around £56 a month less, a saving of roughly 50 per cent.

Guy Senior, council finance spokesman, said:

“Like all councils we have to manage with a reduced Government grant next year and a modest increase in our council tax income will help us to absorb the impact and protect front line services. Because of the prudent approach the council has taken to its finances over many years we are able to draw on our reserves to reduce the funding gap further and we will also benefit from a £13m New Homes Bonus payment in reward for our successful housing delivery programmes. This will make a significant difference.

“Our low council tax rate is the result of many years of consistent and long term financial planning and keeping bills as low as possible remains a priority. Our tax rate benefits everyone in Wandsworth but it’s most important to people getting by on low incomes. Most households will be charged around £56 a month less than the London average which we know can make a real difference.”  

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Recent comments

I remember when it was the lowest - staff resting on their laurels or needing more money to attack Heathrow development, crossrail etc?

4 March 2016

so very pleased the council tax is still low can some of tooting's council tax be used to remove the unsightly dirty and offensive homeless people on the bench outside the liyabry in mitchem road? I am disabled and need to sit down due to a spine injury but don't like sitting there as I feel intimidated by these offensive people they have been there far to long urinating in public into a bucket under the bench it's about time they were dealt with
sally anne hewlett-parker

27 February 2016

Low council tax welcome, but not at the expense of stealth taxes or less services; for example a parking permit costs £160 in Wandsworth and is £90 in Merton. Furthermore standards of road and pavement repairs in decline, and when repairs are undertaken, often low quality and poor materials used, such as black asphalt. Southfileds library hours cut a few years back and never restored, so much for the knowledge based economy. Biggest challenge for Wandsworth is affordable housing, planning policies favour luxury high rise so as to extract as much in Section 106 and Community Infrastructure levies.
Kaleem Mirza

26 February 2016

Second lowest? All sorts of services have been scrapped or squeezed so that we could be THE lowest. If we are only second lowest, let's pay a bit more and save Battersea Park from commercial exploitation and provide better care in care homes.
Christine Fremantle

26 February 2016

I am delighted to see that council tax here in Wandsworth is yet again so low in comparison to the rest of the country - and I would agree our services here are excellent. BUT I am really REALLY concerned that this is being achieved because we are no longer supporting the more needy members of our community in the way that we should be. Whats happened to Meals on Wheels for a start. I would rather pay more and care better for our WHOLE community. And I am most certainly not alone in this.
LInda Watson

26 February 2016

Well done Wandsworth, you continue to offer great value for money. 3.99% may sound like a lot but remember the rates were frozen for years before hand.
Jon C

26 February 2016

Hang on a minute, you are putting up council tax by 3.9% (twice what most people get as a wage increase) and are selling it as a good thing as someone else's part of the charges have gone down. Rubbish, this is PR AT ITS WORST Inflation is practically zero, how can this be justified on top of all the other increases (eg parking)

26 February 2016