Earlsfield streets to benefit from lower speed limits

Published: Monday 25th January 16

A grid of residential roads in Earlsfield are to benefit from lower speed limits after residents asked the council to include them in a list of local 20mph zones.

Highways engineers are installing signs and road markings in the area with the new 20mph limits expected to come into force in the next few days. These new restrictions will apply in Franche Court Road, Burmester Road and Aldren Road.

The council consulted residents in the area in response to a petition asking for a 20mph limits. In Franche Court Road every single response was in favour while 92 per cent of Burmester Road residents and 90 per cent of those in Aldren Road who took part in the consultation voted in favour of the proposal.

Councillors have always said that wherever there is significant support for a 20mph limit in a particular area they will invite everyone living there to have their say. This has led to many zones being established in the borough.

Recently councillors approved plans for a forthcoming borough-wide consultation asking residents if they supported the idea of 20mph limits in all residential parts of Wandsworth.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “The work to establish these new zones is underway and residents in these parts of the borough will soon see lower speed limits in their neighbourhoods.

“We have introduced lower speed limits across large parts of Wandsworth and due to the support expressed by many local residents we will soon be conducting a much more widespread public consultation to test exactly how much backing there is among the wider community.

“Our view is that these changes can only be effective if they have the active backing of local people, and that it would be wrong to change the rules without first asking residents if they agree.”

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I recently asked Wandsworth Council in a Freedom of Information request to know how many people voted for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on Endlesham Road where I live.Out of the 45 Endlesham road residents who responded to the consultation,39 voted in favour of a 20mph speed limit,5 voted against and 1 had no opinion.If you consider that there are in excess of 200 households on Endlesham road this is hardly a resounding endorsement of these schemes as most residents simply can't be bothered to vote.It is just another poor example of so called democracy used to impose the Councils agenda.What will be the next flavour of the week,month,year scheme dreamed up by the Council to waste our Council taxes?

26 January 2016

Surely other Earlsfield cut-through routes such as the Gattay Lane/Vanderbilt/Winfrith/Wilna/Brocklebank Roads need attention too?
Celia Blair

26 January 2016