Next phase of Earlsfield regeneration scheme moves a step closer

Published: Friday 22nd January 16

The council’s campaign to regenerate and revitalise parts of Garratt Lane in Earlsfield has been significantly boosted with an agreement to provide new housing and a modernised new medical centre.

An agreement has been reached with the NHS for the council to replace the ageing Brocklebank medical centre with a fully updated, bigger, GP-led community healthcare facility.

Under the terms of the agreement the town hall will arrange for the new medical centre and a pharmacy to be built as part of a wider scheme providing new shops and housing on land at the corner of Swaffield Road and Garratt Lane, which is currently occupied by the existing 1960’s Brocklebank building, some existing shops and a car park.

The agreement puts in place the latest piece of the jigsaw in a wider investment scheme in this part of the borough.

It has already seen the replacement of vacant and obsolete council-owned buildings with a new 420 pupil primary school – Floreat Academy – plus a nursery for 50 local children and new homes fronting Oakshaw Road.

This next phase will add another 160 homes on council-owned ‘brownfield’ sites fronting Atheldene Road, Wilna Road and Waverton Road.

This land is currently occupied by a number of unattractive 1950s and 60s council-owned buildings  and their replacement with smart, high quality homes will not only help revitalise the area, but also improve the visual amenity of these streets by restoring parts of the historic street pattern.

Council leader Ravi Govindia said: “This represents another key element in our plans to revitalise and improve this part of Garratt Lane.

“There has already been substantial investment here with the addition of a brand new primary school, nursery and housing. We are now ready to build on these achievements by providing a new state-of-the-art health centre, better shops and more homes.”

The council expects to appoint a preferred developer this summer and for a planning application to be submitted in early 2017 with work starting on site later in the year.

Other parts of Garratt Lane, further north towards Wandsworth High Street, are also undergoing major transformation.

The redesign of the Southside shopping centre and its recent opening of new shop frontages in Garratt Lane have provided a major economic boost to the town centre, while moving the housing department’s offices to Putney Bridge Road means its now vacant 1960s tower block can be part of a major new regeneration scheme in partnership with South Thames College.

This will provide 200 new homes, a better library, new shops and improved teaching facilities for the college by replacing three outdated high rise buildings on adjacent sites fronting Garratt Lane and Wandsworth High Street.

A new state-of-the-art library will open out onto a new public square with seating and a play space for under fives, while new pedestrian routes will provide better links between the Old Burial Ground, Garratt Lane and the high street.

Further investment will see the installation of public art, landscaping and seating in the burial ground. 

A quarter of the 200 new homes (25 per cent) are to be offered to eligible local residents to rent or buy at a discounted rate.

Other landmark regeneration schemes in the town centre include the Wandsworth Business Village, Ram Brewery site, Lyon House and The Filaments in Buckhold Road.

Transport for London is also drawing up proposals to redesign the Wandsworth one way system which will remove through traffic from the high street and create better space for pedestrians.

Cllr Govindia added: “Our joint project with the college will see the replacement of some ageing office blocks with attractive and modern new buildings providing new homes, including many affordable units, plus retail space, improved educational facilities, a new public square and a brand new library.

“These town centre schemes represent one of the biggest regeneration projects in London with well over £1bn of new investment flowing through the area. Hundreds of new jobs and homes are being created here alongside major improvements to the local environment.” 

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Recent comments

"new homes fronting Oakshaw Road" ? UNTRUE - the site is empty and has not been developed.
Celia Blair

29 January 2016

I think this is great news, but echo the worries about public transport. It's not as if Earlsfield station is getting any quieter in the mornings.
Michael Thomas

25 January 2016

Given the fuss the council is making about the proposed development in Merton at the dog track which will include new homes and new sports stadium, I hope Merton don't seek a review of this non-descript redevelopment which does not include any detail about improved transportation links!

25 January 2016

I understand there will be public art commissioned for the Garrett Lane regeneration and I wondered if there was an official application process. Living in the borough with over 22 years experience in public art, I would like to know how to apply or who to contact. Thanks.
sophie marsham

23 January 2016

In principle this seems like a worthwhile plan. However there is no detail about either the plans for the Brocklebank whilst redevelopment is under way nor the premium that will accrue to the Council as a result of the plan. More detail please!
Neil Jordan

23 January 2016

Whilst I am supportive of renovation and offering more social housing, increasing the population without clear plans for improvements to transports in the area is a serious omission. What will happen to the already extremely congested Earlsfield station when thousands more inhabitants will try to commute? Is this nice investment plan backed up by some serious changes to the public transports? Everyone who tries to go to work between 745am and 845am know what I am referring is already unbearable to have to wait 3 or 4 trains in the morning to be eventually packed-like-sardines-in-a-tin whilst paying close to £150 per month! Please reconsider this plan or come up with realistic public transport improvements!

23 January 2016

What about Tooting ?? No investment is being put here. I have been a resident here for over 30 years and have been very sad to see it being allowed to deteriorate. It has so much going for it e.g. Great hospital; Tube and Railway lines and great Bus route connections. Yet it's potential is being ignored. The well used market needs updating badly. What's going on? Why is Tooting being ignored?I am very very disappointed.

23 January 2016

I really want to move to a nice safe area with my child there is only two of us

22 January 2016

Promises,promises? This has all been "on the cards" for Earlsfield for so long that most people in the area won't believe it till they see it. The school was finished but the adjacent flats were not even started.The site remains incomplete. AND what abot the wreck in Earlsfield Road (310-320) that has remained undeveloped for 25+ years - yet more developmnneet promises not kept by WBC and Viridian. We live in hope but can't share Cllr. Govindia's enthusiasm until the children's home, the elderly people's home and the nursery stop being left like neglected squats and exploited by "Camelot".
Celia Blair

22 January 2016

so just 1/4 will be available for "eligible local residents". And yet again, will the Council be checking how local those local residents are, given their past history of giving discounts to people who either aren't local or who retain the property for the minimum time necessary to avoid repaying the discount before selling at a nice profit, subsidised by council tax payers?
jane Eades

22 January 2016