Wandsworth nets £3.2m transport boost

Published: Wednesday 30th December 15

Wandsworth’s streets and transport services could benefit from a series of upgrades during 2016/17 after the council secured a multi-million pound funding injection from Transport for London (TfL).

The £3.2m pot will be spent developing plans for new projects which support local jobs, tackle traffic pinch points and make life easier and safer for cyclists and pedestrians. 

A long list of potential schemes will be investigated further in the months ahead and those which prove feasible and most beneficial will be subject to public consultation. Projects being considered include:

  • Installing 20mps limits on local streets, subject to local community support.
  • Decluttering shopping streets and making them more accessible and attractive. Possible areas include Southfields Station area and Battersea High Street.
  • Enhancing access at local train stations, including potential schemes at Putney, Balham and Clapham Junction (Grant Road).
  • Developing new and improved cycle routes - possible schemes include Putney-Roehampton, Queenstown Road and the Wandle Trail
  • Introducing two-way cycling on some one-way streets where it’s safe to do so.
  • Improving crossings outside  local schools including potential schemes at Hillbrook and Oasis Academy.
  • Resurfacing busy streets including parts of Queenstown Road, Merton Road, Tibbet's Corner Roundabout and Garratt Lane.

Wandsworth Council’s transport spokesman Jonathan Cook said: “I’m delighted our application has been accepted and we can now develop detailed plans for these important upgrades. We have prioritised projects which will boost our local economy and targeted key streets and crossings which local residents highlight as needing improvement.”

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, said: “This latest round of funding will help to transform scores of locations in all four corners of our great city. It is specifically targeted to help make our roads, town centres and open spaces more attractive places with better facilities for walking and safer cycling.”

The Local Implementation Plans (LIP) funding is provided by TfL on an annual basis to help the council pay for and deliver transport projects which support the Mayor’s transport strategy. 

A more detailed list of Wandsworth’s potential projects can be viewed online.

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I recently asked the Council in a Freedom of Information request to know how many people voted for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on Endlesham Road where I live.Out of the 45 Endlesham road residents who responded to the consultation,39 voted in favour a 20mph speed limit,5 voted against and 1 had no opinion.If you consider that there are in excess of 150 households on Endlesham road this is hardly a resounding endorsement of these schemes as most residents simply can't be bothered to vote.It is just another poor example of so called democracy used to impose the Councils agenda.What will be the next flavour of the week,month,year scheme dreamed up by the Council to waste our Council taxes?

10 January 2016

I notice that there is very little there to benefit pedestrians. For example, making all pavements suitable for wheelchairs and the blind. Will the Wandle Trail be suitable for pedestrians after the cyclists get their new and improved routes? At the moment it seems that any improvement for cyclists is another deterioration for pedestrians, eg narrowing pavements, making them too narrow for pedestrians to pass each other without being mown down by cyclists. I notice, also, that like so much of WBC's spending it is all in areas on show. We have flooded pavements and potholes but can get nothing done because we are not in view, being a small residential street.

30 December 2015