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Published: Friday 27th November 15

A consultation is now underway on updated proposals for transforming Wandsworth Town centre’s street network, including the removal of the one-way-system.

The scheme, if backed, could get underway in 2017 and is a partnership project between Transport for London and Wandsworth Council.

An artist's impression of the new look Wandsworth High Street looking east.

Under the new proposals traffic levels would be vastly reduced on Wandsworth High Street, with some sections limited to just bikes and buses.

Armoury Way would be returned to two-way working and become the main east-west route through the area.

A range of new and improved cycling and pedestrian facilities would be installed throughout the town centre, along with improved paving and street furniture.

Cycle Superhighway 8 would also be extended to provide a safe route along the high street.

The consultation runs until January 17.

Wandsworth Council leader Ravi Govindia said:

“Wandsworth Town centre has thrived in recent years, attracting major investors, new shops, cafes, restaurants, a department store and  a state of the art business centre. But it cannot reach its full potential until we tackle the one-way-system.

“These proposals would do just that, rationalising the road network and channelling traffic away from the high street so it becomes far more pedestrian-friendly. The scheme would also create better and more usable outside space throughout the town centre which would be great news for local businesses, residents and visitors. It would mean less noise, a more welcoming environmental and improved air quality.

“The proposals have been fine tuned following the last round of consultation and I encourage local people to have their say on the revised plans.”

Proposed direction of future traffic flow.

Drop-in sessions will take place in early December where local people are welcome to ask questions and inspect the scheme in details:

  • Friday 4 December 2015: 11:00 – 16:00, Wandsworth Town Library, 11 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4AQ
  • Wednesday 9 December: 18:00- 20:00, Civic Centre Robing Room, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU
  • Saturday 12 December: 11:00 – 15:00, Wandsworth Town Library, 11 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4AQ

View the proposals in detail and have your say online at www.tfl.gov.uk/wandsworth-town-centre.

An artist's impression of the new look East Hill, Huguenot Place.


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Recent comments

The one way system is a terrible mess, and is stopping the merging of some very quickly expanding areas from easily accessing each other (Putney/Fulham/Wandsworh/Battersea). With the amount of new housing/businesses being built in these areas traffic is going to get significantly worse and will start blocking people living beyond the one way system access to the A3 and the major routes out of London.. Whatever solution is put in place MUST look at easing traffic in this area. I can't really see what the benefits of a small pedestrianised area will provide, especially considering the cost to implement it. I do agree with the removal of the one way system though (in theory). What about a tunnel??
Nicola Barnes

12 January 2016

Diverting all private and commercial traffic except buses, taxis and bicycles away from a short section of Wandsworth High Street is not logical and may cause harm. The section of road to be pedestrianized carries a vast amount of traffic straight along the A3. The planned diversion will increase journey time for private and commercial drivers and will increase vehicle mileage, fuel consumption and atmospheric pollution. This cannot be good for health or for the environment. Garratt Lane has been well developed and has two car parks. This is the centre of pedestrian activity in Wandsworth and not the High Street. Please scrap this plan to pedestrianize this small section of the High Street. Thank you for your consideration.
Sylvia Startup

9 January 2016

The diversion proposed for the Wandsworth Gyratory would be an expensive mistake, If the proposed set-up were to be put in and found wrong would it come out? TfL would only be moving the location of pollution.The gyratory was originally created to aid traffic through the borough, if the changes were to go in the traffic jams would bring Wandsworth to a halt during the rush-hour. Ok you get the occasional hold-up through the Gyratory system. TfL should be moving the traffic through the borough more easily not hold it all up. Wandsworth is in danger of losing it's identity, most people across London knows where Wandsworth is because of the one-way system, pollution can be limited it cannot be kept at bay through Wandsworth High Street.
Simon Kimber

30 December 2015

Agree with those who think this is going to make the traffic in Wandsworth worse. Restricting existing four / five lane one way streets to two lanes in both directions is a recipe for traffic jams, congestion, pollution and rat-runs in local streets. Bear in mind also not everyone can use public transport e.g. the disabled. The plans are vague and it doesn't seem possible to work out whether one can get from Smugglers Way to Putney Bridge Road at all. Those taking large and heavy items to the recycling / rubbish facility on Smugglers Way by car will find it very difficult to get there. I hope this is not a means for the council to make more money out of people because the only other alternative is to pay the council to take rubbish away.

8 December 2015

From what I can see this is going to severely affect traffic to and from the A3. The detail is not in the plans, but due to making some roads 2 way, such as where the A3 turns left onto Putney Bridge Road adjacent to the police station - there is not enough room to have 2 lanes of traffic either way as proposed. So it seems that in some areas there will only be 1 lane of traffic.
Robert Lloyd

7 December 2015

Being cynical i believe that whatever views given the decision to implement the removal of the one way system has already been made and this consultation is a paper excercise. Wandsworth roundabout will become a nightmare with all through traffic from the South Circular and St Johns road being funnelled onto it. Swandon way is already a problem without funnelling more traffic onto it. This will also effect South/North Traffic on Trinity road. Earlsfield/Southfields will both become rat runs for traffic wanting to get to the A3 from Battersea rise. Look at the proposed Vauxhall cross plans, much better and not converting a major route into a semi pedestrian route. Please think again planners.
Mark Williams

6 December 2015

Better cycling provision and reduced pollution would greatly improve this area.
Georgina Harmsworth

5 December 2015

I can't believe this proposal has even got to this stage as the increased level of congestion this will cause on the main south circular and for local residents will be unbelievable. There is already so much traffic forced onto the Wandsworth roundabout that this scheme will make it worse. A terrible idea and such a waste of our tax payers money that it has got this far!!

5 December 2015

Will the cycle routes be segregated cycle paths to ensure maximum safety?
Martin Cottington

4 December 2015

I used to live in Cromford Road and attend All Saints' Church. I still drive to / through Wandsworth regularly. The proposals make some sense for people using the A205 and A3 to move around SW London. However local residents will find driving to / from local facilities / shops rather more difficult. One of the reasons for the proposals is the lack of a second alternative to the High St outside Southside for EW traffic. I suggest you consider upgrading Mapleton Road and Neville Gill Close to link Garratt Lane and Buckhold Road to the south of Southside which would then allow north-west bound traffic to avoid the High St altogether.
James Haddock

3 December 2015

Looking at this it now looks like thought has been given to accessing Southfields as before it was virtually impossible along Buckhold Road as you couldn't get to it- as long as this is possible, I don't have any major comments however, I would say, can Wandsworth Council make all bus lanes accessible to motorbikes please - it would help a great deal with congestion for bikes- e.g. Wandsworth Bridge, section from Wandsworth roundabout to York Road.....- thanks
Gill Thom

2 December 2015

I am vehemently opposed to this proposed scheme for Wandsworth Town centre and any changes to the road system which currently works fine as it is.Lets not forget all the delays and congestion that will occur during the long construction phase.I have already been stuck in numerous traffic jams this year from Stockwell up to the Elephant & Castle because of the construction of the Cycle Superhighways/Road Modernistion Programme???

2 December 2015

I am agreement with these proposals - looking forward to the new road layout.
Phillipa Riddleston

1 December 2015

The re-design of Wandsworth Town Centre is a great and long overdue idea. My only concern is the creation of potential rat runs through residential areas if traffic doesn't flow. Perhaps the council could share their analysis on this? As for the 'anti-bike' comments - I hope the council will not not be put off by what can only be described as ignorant and small minded views. London's cycling infrastructure is woeful compared to our European neighbours and everything should be done to encourage and promote greater uptake of cycling. There really is no reasonable argument against doing so.
Thorsten Querfurt

1 December 2015

I would like to know more about Wandsworth Plain in particular. Already barely able to cope with one-way system, how will traffic be kept moving with two lanes? Which buildings are to be demolished, presumably not the church?
John Tyrwhitt

30 November 2015

The scheme will lead to much poorer traffic flow and greater congestion along Armoury Way, Swandon Way, Wandsworth Br roundabout and on roads feeding this roundabout. Air quality will deteriorate in these areas. The Council offers no information on this. How will key junctions with West Hill, Putney Br. Road, Wandsworth High St, Smugglers Way, Swandon Way be controlled; by more traffic signals? Will it be possible to exit left from Smugglers Way. The Council provides inadequate information to inform a proper and valid consultation; thus it is defective. No data is offered to enable comparison of alternative schemes. And why only 750 characters!
P Reardon

30 November 2015

This proposed scheme will mean that traffic will cut through from Trinity Road through residential areas around Allfarthing and parts of Southfields to join the A3. Traffic will not use Armoury way because there will not be enough capacity - at the moment there are at least two lanes of traffic ( sometimes four) and your proposals halve this and expect it to work!
Valerie Evans

30 November 2015

It is impossible to form a judgement on this plan with the low level of detail provided. What are the expected new routes each way for the South Circular. How many lanes will there be? Will there be bus lanes, and for which periods? Where will the traffic lights be for pedestrian crossings and junctions? Finally, what is the intention of the plan apart from the creation of the new pedestrian area? Is it planned to improve or hinder traffic flows?

29 November 2015

I would like to point out the gross miscalculation in the proposed changes to the Wandsworth gyratory system, has the council forgotten the possibilty of greater pollution caused by traffic being delayed far more than they are now. Also diverting traffic the long way round Swandon Way up towards Wandsworth Roundabout just to get back to Fairfield Street just so they can get to East Hill. I have lived in this borough all my life and on thousands of occasions and not found anything wanting with the traffic flow during all that time. Commuter's journey times will climb especially during peak hours. I hope Wandsworth Council thinks of Truro when proposing these changes: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-34883680 It was costly for them.
Simon Kimber

29 November 2015

There should be an exemption for black taxis as they are the only form of transport that is 100% wheelchair accessible
Frances Wyhowska

29 November 2015

The impression pictures of the town centre look good but where is all the traffic on the main south circular road to and from the west going to go? I do not have confidence in the traffic planners who have made the Queenstown road and Prince of Wales drive junction a snarl up,and who put an island in at the Falcon road\York road junction which then had to be moved as it didn't work for traffic turning. Your priority should be looking at making the traffic move freely as well as making a pleasant town centre. Please don't forget this is a main east/west route which needs to be improved not just re- routed.

28 November 2015

This redesign of Wandsworth high Street will have a detrimental effect to all residents living writhing 1000meters of the changes. It is totally disproportionate to the 100 meter of pedestrianisation of Wandsworth High Street. Not one household between Burntwood Lane and All Farthing Lane, Garrat Lane and Trinity Rd have been previously consulted. Currently this area is used as a rat run to accommodate vehicles entering Wandsworth from the south and others coming off the south circular Road at Clapham South via Nightingale Lane and Bellvue Rd. The roundabout at the junction of Aspen Way and Trinity Rd is already heavily congested at peak times and this will come to a standstill with the added congestion. How on earth will residents cope.
James Kent

28 November 2015

The proposed roads leading to the A3 are one of the main routes out of London and as such need improving for motorists. Public transport is unreliable and unsafe - not really suitable for getting too and from a golf club with heavy kit - or carrying a weeks shop. Or are the council in the pockets of taxi drivers. Cyclists don't use the special routes built for them now - so please no more cycleways - in fact ban them from certain roads and during rush hours - also make cyclists have visible registration numbers and hold valid insurance - and have passed a test to use our roads as motorists have to.

27 November 2015

Compare this to Vauxhall, Oval, Stockwell, Old St, Aldgate, Kingston, Enfield... Spot the difference?! All have protected cycle tracks. Why not Wandsworth? We had the chance of a banquet, but get offered a Happy Meal because WW won't support bike tracks. As a disabled driver, more people on bikes using less road space and polluting less doesn't harm me at all. If you drive and aren't stupid, you'd want as many people as possible out of their cars and on safe bike tracks, segregated so they are protected and driving is less stressful. In New York, streets with cycle tracks have seen faster journeys for *drivers*, drops in congestion / pollution & local businesses were boosted. Sane drivers demand proper safe cycling in WW
Simon Shields

27 November 2015

If you are planning to make Ringford Road a cycle friendly route, you must insist that thé speed limit be reduced to 20 miles per hour, like in most of the side roads, as cars are driving down this road at a very high speed !
Mrs Mayorcas

27 November 2015

I live in Tonsley Place. How do I get to Buckhold Road with the new road layout. If I go right in Fairfield St, then down Old York Road, will I be able to turn left into Swandon Way, which is not allowed currently? I cannot find another way of getting there. Please advise
miranda dunn

27 November 2015

Just one comment bloody stupid idea sucking up to the cyclists again
john fowler

27 November 2015

Travelling west from Clapham to Putney via East Hill and West Hill in Wandsworth, what would be the route from East Hill to West Hill? Surely not via Fairfield St, Old York Rd, Swandon Way and Armoury Way which would be a very much elongated and tortuous route, contributing considerably to local pollution... Old York Road is simply not suitable to be used in this way which is precisely why it was taken out of the main system many years ago. The proposals for the centre of Wandsworth look good but the surrounding routes need to be carefully considered especially as they include the South Circular Road, one of the main routes through London.
L Jones

27 November 2015

This idealistic scheme plus disruption from various proposed major building works including the super sewer will cause even worse traffic jams than we currently endure - I was stuck for half an hour in B&Q car park today due to gridlock at the Wandsworth roundabout! A better use of government money would be to remove all bus lanes and free up the roads so people can actually get around. Utopian ideals are great in theory, but what about the practical and commercial considerations? Have any of the bureaucrats we fund to come up with these harebrained ideas ever driven a car in London?
Susan Grubb

27 November 2015

There is not enough information available upon which to form an opinion. When will revised traffic flow forecasts be made public? How will the 39 and 156 Buses get to Clapham? Will there be added traffic lights at junction of Smugglers / Swandon next to B&Q? Why is the one-way part of Broomhill Road being abandoned? Will Old York Road become a rat race? How on earth will Wandsworth plain absorb two way traffic? How much money is being put into the scheme by the Chinese developers of the Ram Site? On the surface this seems a back of the envelope pipe dream. Please provide more detailed information.
Jeremy Noble

27 November 2015

Bikocentric. From bad to worse.
R S Gandy

27 November 2015

Yet another I'll conceived pro cyclist anti car idea by TFl. just look at the chaos in elephant and Castle and Kennington. It has actually caused more pollution because of the traffic jams...caused by TFL
Shirley Jones

27 November 2015

Not sure TFL have taken local traffic into consideration at all. Diluting the current 3/4 lanes into 1/2 lanes will cause gridlock, and impossible to turn right. Think is totally ill conceived and should be canned. We are talking about the South Circular and a main exit out of London. Dig under yes.
John Wimble

27 November 2015