Have your say on proposed improvements to Southfields

Published: Friday 27th November 15

People who live and work in Southfields are being asked for their views on proposals to improve the heart of the shopping area.

The proposals aim to preserve the area’s ‘village’ feel and encourage people to spend time there, while at the same time help keep the traffic moving.

Changes could include:

  • Reducing street ‘clutter’ such as railings
  • Improving shop and restaurant forecourts and frontages, if their owners agree
  • More trees and plants
  • Public art
  • Better street furniture
  • More cycle parking

Changes would also be made to the roads and pavements, and could include:

  • Repaving Wimbledon Park Road, Replingham Road and Augustus Road where they intersect
  • Traffic calming, including a 20mph limit
  • Removing the barrier in Wimbledon Park Road near Southfields Station
  • Widening pavements
  • Lessening the impact of delivery lorries and parked cars

For more information, including a summary of the proposed changes and the proposed design, visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/southfields.

To take the online survey, visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/southfieldsconsultation

If you would prefer a paper survey, call (020) 8871 6673.

The consultation runs until January 15, 2016.

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Recent comments

The plans sounds wonderful for the village. Trees and possibly some pavement café space and flower boxes. Please NO more estate agents. There will be no reason to go to the village if we can only window shop KFH agents and the countless others estate agents.
Carina Moravec

14 February 2016

Dear Sirs, Southfields needs a goo up lifting cleaning the are . More rubbishy bins , modernising the pavement , more tree and plants . The restaurant should also improve the facade . The French bistro , is the only decent facade. The rubbishy bins need to be clean more often. Regards S F Milsom
Silene Milsom

8 December 2015

I think thx proposed changes are excellent. Please can we have proper shops and no more estate agents and supermarkets that both spoil the village feel
Anna Knowling

4 December 2015

Note that the sidewalks will be widened. It will be nice to have a few Pavement Cafes like in France.
A. Sen Gupta

3 December 2015

Your proposals miss the main point. The major cause of congestion and therefore also pollution are the existing traffic calmimg measures: 1. The width restriction in Augustus Rd. near Southfields ststion causes traffic to back up. 2. Too many speed humps on Wimbledon Park Rd. The main effect of which is to cause motorists to accelerate and brake repeatedly thus greatly increasing pollution. An enlightened approach to reducing congestion and pollution would decrease the number of traffic calming measures as they, themselves are the root cause of pronlems.
Andrew Kin

27 November 2015

The main problem with Replingham Road is parking I would suggest that deliveries have to be made within certain hours and parking restrictions are enforced 7 days a week as people are leaving their cars all day to use the train or go to football but I would allow 20 minutes free parking so that people could use local shops as does Wimbledon Village
Charles Parrish

27 November 2015