Most people happy with the council

Published: Thursday 26th November 15

Almost 9 in 10 people in Wandsworth are happy with the council and the way it runs local services, a survey has found.

And, despite the challenging financial outlook for town halls across the country, most people trust Wandsworth Council to deal effectively with the situation.

Satisfaction with Wandsworth Council

The council carries out regular and statistically robust surveys to get the views of local people - this is the sixth survey since 20015. More than fifteen hundred people were interviewed in their own homes by an independent and established market research company.

Headline results show that 87 per cent are very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the way the Wandsworth Council is running things. This has gone up from 84 per cent in 2013.

Local authority budgets have been squeezed in recent years, so the council wanted to know if local people were noticing any effect on the services they receive. Fifty five per cent think the council is doing a good job reducing spending, and only seven per cent disagree. The rest neither agree nor disagree, or do not know. Fewer than one in four respondents felt that service reductions had had much impact on themselves or their families.

Two thirds of residents think they are kept well informed about the services and benefits the council provides.

Leader of the council Ravi Govindia said:

“We have the challenge of maintaining high standards at a time when the money we receive as grant from central government is declining, and have worked hard to make sure that the core services that make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives are protected and flourishing. 

“Our parks remain amongst the best in London and 88 per cent of people agree that they are good. We put millions of pounds into improving our roads and filling potholes, and now 67 per cent think the roads are well-maintained. We remain committed to weekly bin collection and 84 per cent describe rubbish collection services as good. We have also kept every single one of our libraries open.

“We have done all this without increasing the financial burden on our council tax payers, and the survey shows that our residents support us on this. Eighty-two per cent think the council provides value for money and 86 per cent agree that keeping council tax low is essential for residents.

Council leader Ravi Govindia

“We are working to save money by looking at the way we are structured and finding more innovative ways to deliver services like staff mutuals, rather than reducing our front-line services. This survey shows the majority of you have not noticed any adverse effect which is exactly what we set out to achieve.

“We are encouraging inward investment to areas like Nine Elms and helping local people benefit directly from it by accessing jobs and training. We are also improving schools and leisure centres, regenerating town centres and increasing housing, job and transport options. I’m glad that this is paying off and 90 per cent of our residents think their neighbourhood is a great place to live.”

The results of the survey was discussed by the Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday. Read the report online.



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Are you happy that council tax is the lowest in the country - YES! Is there any other aspect of the council that you are happy with or would commend - NO! But not unreasonably money wins. Shame the council can't recognise this and try to address all the areas they fall down in rather than patting themselves on the back!

11 December 2015

Perhaps Cllr Govindia would like to respond to these comments or is he only interested in patting himself on the back and not dealing with criticism?

28 November 2015

I wonder who these people are who took part in this survey. I certainly wasn't asked to take part. It seems that there are no limits to the lengths Wandsworth Council will go to put out inaccurate information and try and hoodwink residents about what a wonderful job they are doing. If you are from Wandsworth Council and what an honest response to how well you are doing, then please feel free to contact me.
Suzanne Foster

27 November 2015

The Council also need to look at where the highest levels of dissatisfaction are. Given the responses, the level of dissatisfaction in some areas is an indication of how unfair and discriminatory our council is. If they don't understand this, someone needs to do a course in statistics.

27 November 2015

".. involved face-to-face in-home interviews with 1,561 residents across the Borough. A “booster” sample of 350 private tenants was added, bringing the sample of tenants in the private rented sector (PRS) to 736 ........." In other words, it was a biassed survey. 1) because of the addition of the 'private tenants' 2) because there is no explanation of how the homes, for the in home interviews, were selected. Try getting into some of the Council blocks in order to carry out an interview. As always the Council has spent our money on providing something which they can then use to massage their own egos.

27 November 2015