Councillors meet next week to discuss return of Formula E

Published: Monday 16th November 15

Councillors are due to meet next week to consider proposals that could see the return of Formula E racing to Battersea Park next summer.

Members of the community services overview and scrutiny committee will discuss the proposal on November 24 and determine whether the races should be allowed to return for one weekend in July 2016 and another the following summer.

As part of that decision making process committee members will be told the results of a detailed public consultation held over the summer that generated several thousand responses and comments.

Some local groups, including the Friends of Battersea Park, are also expected to address members of the committee before any decision is reached.

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for community services Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “There has been a great deal of public consultation about Formula E, both beforehand and now post the event.

“This latest round has given local people the chance to express their views having had the benefit of seeing the event and all that it involved. This has generated a large number of responses, many of which are from people in favour of the event’s return but also many from those who are implacably opposed.

“All these contributions to the debate will be considered very carefully by the committee’s members as they weigh up these conflicting views. I am quite sure they will pay full attention to both sides of the argument before reaching any decision.”

If the committee votes in favour of Formula E returning, it would mean the park staging races in both 2016 and the summer of 2017. The decision would then be subject to a further review.

More than 55,000 spectators attended the two races held in the park in June, which saw the climax of this year’s Formula E World Championship.

Hosting the event this year meant that significant income was received that will help pay for major maintenance and improvement projects within Battersea Park itself, while additional funding was also generated that will help pay for other important local services in the borough.


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Remember dear councillors all you should be focusing on next Tuesday are the views of the people of Wandsworth. It is they who elected you and they who pay your salaries not the rich and famous of Formula E.
j f

20 November 2015

Is a great event for so many reasons, let's hope the very vocal NIMBYs don't spoil it.
Simon Shields

20 November 2015

I am appalled at this commercialised misuse of a public park - the Council should not be approving a repeat of it.
Ken Powell

20 November 2015

Why is the Council so interested in motor racing when the majority of its policies are so anti-motorist???I smell some sort of corruption going on here.

20 November 2015

Would still like to know exactly what benefit this was to local businesses? There must be some facts and figures somewhere, because Cllr. Cook keeps quoting it.

16 November 2015