Featured in Brightside: Something's brewing in Wandsworth Town

Published: Monday 16th November 15

A new-look Wandsworth Town Centre is starting to take shape including hundreds of new homes, two new public squares, a better library, a new department store and a micro-brewery.

How the Old Burial Ground will look

Recent highlights from the area's fast-moving regeneration programme include the creation of 300 jobs at the new Debenhams at Southside Shopping Centre and a Saturday Fine Food Market setting up on Old York Road.

The new Light Bulb business hub has also opened its doors, providing a home for dozens of small businesses and a café which is open to the public.

New walking routes have been created through the neighbourhood Filaments site linking the high street with King George's Park.

Even bigger changes are on the horizon with work now underway on transforming the long-derelict Ram Brewery site into a new pedestrian quarter complete with a micro-brewery, brewing museum, shops, bars, restaurants and hundreds more homes.

An artist's impression of the new road layout on Wandsworth High Street.

Work is also set to start on three neighbouring sites next to the old burial ground on Garratt Lane. This project will see a series of 1960s office blocks replaced with 200 homes, a new state-of-the-art library, public square with seating and a play space for under-fives. A quarter of the new homes will be offered to eligible local residents to rent or buy at a discounted rate.

A complete redesign of the Wandsworth One Way system is being developed which will vastly reduce traffic on the high street and make the entire town centre more pedestrian-friendly. New plans will be published later this month.

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