Boost for Earlsfield’s economy with arrival of Banham headquarters

Published: Friday 23rd October 15

The redevelopment of a vacant brownfield site next to a railway embankment in Earlsfield will breathe new life into the local economy according to council leader Ravi Govindia.

Cllr Govindia has welcomed the arrival in Earlsfield of the Banham Group which has just opened its headquarters there.

The new Banham Academy will help young people gain apprenticeships

The company, which is a leading security brand, has officially opened its new headquarters on the site of a former vacant warehouse on a railway embankment just off Thornsett Road.

The company’s new offices, where 300 employees will be based, were officially opened on Wednesday night by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith. 

The move to Earlsfield is expected to offer a major employment boost to young people in the area with the opening of a Banham Academy on the site. This will be opening its doors in January to provide young people with key skills and training within the security industry in order for them to apply for apprenticeships with the company. 

Cllr Govindia said: “This is good news for Earlsfield. Not only are Banham bringing a vacant industrial site back into use and offering new employment opportunities to local residents, especially young people, but siting the company’s headquarters here will provide a boost to local shops and businesses and benefit the wider local economy. We warmly welcome this investment in this part of the borough.”

Charles Hallatt, Executive Chairman at Banham said: “Our move to Earlsfield is a significant milestone for the company.  The new headquarters allows us to continue our growth and expansion for the foreseeable future and hopefully for the next three generations and more of the Banham family.

“At Banham, we pride ourselves on being very actively involved with local communities throughout London and the South East by working closely with local residents, councils and Neighbourhood Watch groups.

“We are proud that our new headquarters is providing positive reinforcement to the local economy. Our development has set a benchmark for the regeneration of the local area and we are very excited to have moved to Earlsfield.”

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