More people will soon be living in 20mph zones

Published: Wednesday 21st October 15

Residents in three parts of the borough are to benefit from lower speed limits in their streets with the introduction of new 20mph zones.

Highways engineers are now busy installing signs and road markings in the new zones and the new 20mph limits are expected to come into effect in the next few days.

The three zones cover the Southfields “Grid” area including Pirbright Road, the “Toastrack” area of Wandsworth Common and Rogers Road in Tooting.   

Residents in these areas were all consulted and asked if they wanted lower speed limits introduced in their neighbourhoods. In each case the overwhelming majority of people said yes.

Councillors have always said that wherever there is significant support for a 20mph limit in a particular area they will invite everyone living there to have their say. This has led to many zones being established in the borough.

Recently councillors approved plans for a soon-to-be-held borough-wide consultation asking residents if they supported the idea of 20mph limits in all residential parts of Wandsworth.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “The work to establish these new zones is now well underway and residents in these parts of the borough will soon see lower speed limits in effect in their neighbourhoods.

“We have been assured by the local police commander that his officers will be enforcing the new speed limits, but we are hoping that this will not be necessary and that drivers will pay careful attention to the new limits and just slow down rather than face getting a speeding ticket”

“We have introduced lower speed limits across large areas of Wandsworth and due to the support for them expressed by many local residents we will soon be conducting a much more widespread public consultation to test exactly how much backing there is from the wider community.

“Our firmly held view is that changes like this can only legitimately be decided by the people who would be most directly affected. It would be quite wrong to simply implement a significant change like this without asking local people for their opinion first.”

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Recent comments

Good news - please add Harbut Road and St John's Hill Grove to the 20mph scheme, and even St John's Hill itself if possible.

25 October 2015

I'd be more impressed if pedestrians were fined for putting drivers in danger by stepping out where ever the mood takes. Or - if councils built more pedestrian refuges in roads - myself and neighbours have requested one between the 170 bus stops on either side of Vicarage Crescent for years to no avail.

25 October 2015

For any new regulation to be observed, there must be credible means of enforcement. I live on a rat-run street of about 150m length. I would welcome a 20mph limit in principle but am curious how it would be enforced. I suspect that, regardless of a posted limit, careful drivers will not exceed 20mph anyway and careless drivers will also drive at whatever speed they can. The borough should make available the number of prosecutions so that residents can judge whether these restrictions are in fact enforced.
Nigel Algar

25 October 2015

What about Totterdown street? Not middle class enough?
Brigitte fitchett

24 October 2015

The drivers simply ignore the 20mph limit as there is no enforcement. Refer to the public domain records and note that enforcement was only an after thought. Look at Avoca Road, where the morons working for the council implemented the scheme and even painted false speed bumps. They assumed that the false speed bumps would force drivers to slow down!
J Karna

24 October 2015

I have repeatedly asked for statistics on how many actual prosecutions there have been in the current 30mph zone in the Southfields Grid. It seems the Council either don't know or are not telling. It would be interesting then to assess how many prosecutions there are likely to be under 20mph based on the level of police activity in enforcing the existing speed limit. I do hope this is not expensive gesture politics.
Jeremy Noble

23 October 2015

Please introduce a 20 mph limit and traffic calming on the Tooting end of St James's Drive before someone is killed by one of the many cars and lorries that race to beat the traffic lights.

23 October 2015

Good idea and hope this continues onore roads. I hope drivers redirect the 20 mph limit as some were trying to get me to speed up on my scooter, which is unnerving!
Sally Ann Ross

23 October 2015

What it should say is :"we have been assured by the local police commander that they are short of money and will be trying to fine as many motorists as possible" - I wonder heir much it is costing to put up all these 20 mph signs and paint the roads ? What a waste of money, you can't go faster than 20mph on most of these roads, the toastrack roads are less than 100m long !

23 October 2015

I wonder if there is a standard height for these 20 signs, as one of those in Holdernesse Road is far too high to be seen by drivers entering from Trinity Road, who will be looking out for pedestrians and oncoming traffic. Similarly, notices about cycling on the pavement seem to be far too high up the poles to be seen by anyone - not that pavement cyclists appear to be able to read signs or follow the Highway Code.
Edmund Hodges

23 October 2015