Council rejects proposal to demolish Tooting Constitutional Club

Published: Wednesday 21st October 15

Councillors have once again rejected plans submitted by a property developer that would have resulted in the demolition of one of Tooting’s best loved historic buildings.

Members of the planning committee refused to grant planning permission for a revised development scheme that would have seen The Tooting Constitutional Club at 111-113 Tooting High Street replaced with 39 new homes, offices and community space in a new building up to five storeys high. 

Councillors have rejected plans to demolish the club

This scheme was different to one refused by councillors in May this year – and subsequently also rejected by a Government planning inspector in August following an appeal by the developers. 

However councillors said that the revised scheme had not done enough to address far reaching concerns about the size and scale of the scheme.

The chairman of the committee Cllr Sarah McDermott said: “Unfortunately the developer has not done enough to overcome the many valid local objections to this scheme.

“Although the revised plans were for a smaller replacement building with fewer flats the proposed scheme was still too big, too unneighbourly and would have had an adverse effect on the nearby listed building in the high street.”

The Tooting Constitutional Club was established in 1917 as a working man's club and since then has served as a social club for the community.

The building itself dates back to around 1730 and is one of only a few still standing which date back to the time when Tooting was still a small Surrey village.
Earlier this year the council named the constitutional club as an Asset of Community Value (ACV), reflecting its important contribution to the social history of the borough. This designation means that if the owner wishes to sell the building he must give the local community a six month window in which to raise sufficient funds to purchase it.

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Let's keep it! Too precious to lose. Thank you to all that realised it's local historical importance.
Brigitte fitchett

24 October 2015

A sound decision! Thanks to those councillors who know better is required.
libby lawson

21 October 2015