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Published: Friday 25th September 15

Dozens of men have had a free Man MOT at the Man Shop since it opened on Wednesday.

The pop-up Man Shop on Putney’s Ashburton Estate is staffed with nurses who can refer men to a range of free services to help them stay well and healthy. No health topic is off limits and the team will answer questions on anything from lumps and bumps and stress to sexual health problems

Nurses Eddie and Sheila

For those people that want further help, the team can help residents lose weight, stop smoking or set longer term health goals. A quarter of all men getting a Man MOT have taken advantage of free lifestyle services that are available to all Wandsworth residents.

Edward Williams, one of the nursing team said: “We have seen a number of men that simply haven’t viewed their own health as a priority, be it due to work or family commitments.

“A lot of younger men think they are superman and that ‘it would never happen to me’, but just yesterday we had a young lad in with worryingly high blood pressure who has now been referred to his GP for a follow up. He was only passing by and popped in just to see what the shop was all about and told me that if the shop wasn’t there he wouldn’t have even thought twice about his blood pressure.”

Earl Coudray gets his Man MOT

The Man Shop is open in Tildesley Road on the Ashburton Estate from noon to 7pm every day until September 30th. 

Alongside the Man MOT there is a range of events and services in the shop including, kickboxing taster sessions and financial information and guidance.

Houda Al-Sharifi, director of public health at Wandsworth Council said “We know that for many men life often gets in the way of thinking about their health. By bringing these conversations to their doorsteps we are giving men who may need it a convenient opportunity to take control of their health”

The shop has been provided free of charge by Wandsworth Council and run by the council’s public health department. Funding is also being provided by the Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group representing the borough’s GPs.

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