Councillors support residents over parking controls

Published: Tuesday 22nd September 15

Councillors have given their backing to residents in an Earlsfield neighbourhood who were opposed to parking controls in their streets.

Earlier this year the council consulted residents and businesses in this part of the borough after receiving a petition asking for controls to be introduced.

Homes and commercial properties in Tilehurst Road, Brightman Road, Godley Road, Fieldview Gunners Road and a stretch of Burntwood Lane were all asked if they supported the petition.

But the response showed that a clear majority of local people were opposed to changes to local parking rules.

In total 57 per cent of those who took part in the consultation voted against the introduction of a parking zone in the area – a decision that has been endorsed by Wandsworth councillors.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Residents and businesses in this part of Earlsfield were quite clear that that they did not wish to have parking controls in their streets.

“The council sought the views of local people and once these had been expressed they were taken fully on board. It has been another good example of local democracy in action.

“If the parking situation changes in future because of new housing developments in the area like the one at Springfield Hospital, then we would be happy to consult again if local people ask us to.”

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