Recycle your way to £5k

Published: Monday 7th September 15

Look out for golden tickets coming through your door soon – they could help you win five thousand pounds.

Wandsworth residents who recycle properly could be entered into a prize draw for a cash prize, plus the chance to nominate up to five local community groups to receive £2,500.

The Golden Ticket competition is being launched this week by the Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA), which is responsible for managing waste disposal and sorting the mixed recycling collected across the London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Lambeth, Wandsworth and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

WRWA has been awarded a government grant for the competition to help give residents of the four boroughs extra motivation to recycle more - and recycle correctly.

Wandsworth has welcomed the Golden Ticket prize draw because every extra item recycled saves council tax payers’ money. Increasing recycling by just one per cent would save almost £20,000 a year.

Residents will get a book of golden tickets through their door during September. To be in with a chance of winning, all they have to do is put their contact details on a golden ticket and pop it into a clear sack or mixed recycling bank with their clean recycling. 

Golden tickets found at the WRWA recycling facility at Smugglers Way will be entered into a prize draw.  The first draw will be on October 30, with three further draws in December, February and March.

Eligible local community organisations that want a chance to be nominated for a community reward must register in advance of the prize draws. They must confirm that they will encourage their members, supporters and/or other local residents to recycle, and to avoid contaminating their recycling with the wrong materials. 

Wandsworth’s environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This prize draw is a great way to get people recycling properly and to reward local groups that encourage their communities to recycle.

“It costs a lot less to recycle than it does to throw materials into the dustbin, so the more that is recycled the more our council tax payers’ money is saved to spend on front-line services.  I’d encourage everyone to look out for their tickets, and make sure they enter and encourage their favourite local community organisations to register.”

An initial supply of Golden Tickets will be delivered to every household in the four boroughs from today (September 7) and residents will also be able to collect them from libraries, leisure centres and the town hall or print them at home. 


Notes to Editors

Recycling bags and bins must contain only clean and dry items that are suitable for recycling. Find out what can be recycled

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Recent comments

Haven't received the booklet (Pine Lodge, SW15 3SS). We would love to get this chance as we recycle everything that can be recycled.

29 December 2015

I have not received any golden tickets, we seem to be forgotten at the end of the borough for everything, please can i be sent some
Dawn Anderson

24 November 2015

I wish you would deliver these cards to my house too. Basement, 292 Queenstown Road SW 4LT. I also would like to receive your magazine too as it also is not delivered to my flat. I don't think your people like basements.
Jane Heany

30 October 2015

It would be helpful to know the DATES of the three further draws in December, February and March.
Mrs Maya Webb

29 October 2015

NO TICKETS were delivered to my street in Earlsfield. "Residents will get a book of golden tickets through their door during September. To be in with a chance of winning, all they have to do is put their contact details on a golden ticket and pop it into a clear sack or mixed recycling bank with their clean recycling." WHY NOT?
Celia Blair

15 October 2015

I/we (others commenting below about this issue) should have checked and looked at the "Golden Ticket" forms, before we voiced our opinion....... I just downloaded a sheet of (4) of the G T forms and this is the info requested on them: -Full name -Borough (there are others involved in the scheme) -Telephone So no addresses requested, in any case!
Marianne van Abbe

14 September 2015

My last comment should have read: "I can NOT see that adding the address to the bags"...... outside the property is a problem, as any potential burglar can see the address already.....
Marianne van Abbe

14 September 2015

In relation to 2 previous comments, I can see that adding the address to the bags, which sit outside your property (address) is a problem. If it's a single, family, occupancy home, then that is all that is required to be identified by WBC. Multiple occupant residences could additionally just provide their initials, for further identification. Alternatively, I expect our Council Tax bills /accounts have individual identification numbers, so maybe those could be used?
Marianne van Abbe

14 September 2015

Great idea (in principle) and as an avid recycler I very much welcome any initiative to encourage those individuals who are still ignoring this environmental necessity, BUT..... How on earth are you going to find the small "Golden Ticket" form in a recycling bag full of paper and card....?!?? It will get lost in between I can't imagine you would pay people to go through each bag, layer by layer, even know which bags contained them and which don't. My personal suggestion/solution/approach would be to attach it (Golden Ticket form) to a length of string, put it in the bag, feed it through the top and after tying the bag closed attach the (other) end of the string to the neck of the bag... No sign of these books of tickets so far either.
Marianne van Abbe

14 September 2015

Ron Elam is quite right. We spend a lot of time impressing on people that they should not leave full name and address details in rubbish sacks. If we were to make sure that ticket was buried in a " mixed recycling bank", as the press release has it, what a waste of time as the recycling base workers would be spending hours riffling through the rubbish for a gold ticket. Shades of Willie wonka. There has to be a different way.
susan lofthouse

12 September 2015

My family and I take great care to provide NO Identity information in our rubbish. Anything with our details are shredded before we dispose of it. Why are you going against the advice of the police?
Ron Elam

12 September 2015