Steer clear of bank holiday parking tickets

Published: Friday 28th August 15

Motorists can park for free in marked out parking bays in the borough’s controlled parking zones on bank holiday Monday, but are warned to avoid yellow lines.

Drivers can park free of charge for as long as they like in designated parking bays in all the borough’s parking zones on Monday (August 31). They will not need to purchase a pay and display ticket, pay-by-phone or display a parking permit if they use marked parking bays. 


However they must avoid parking on yellow lines as these restrictions will still be in force. This is because yellow lines are normally situated at places where parked vehicles could cause a hazard or an obstruction.

Drivers who leave their cars in parking bays that are only partially available throughout the day should check the signs carefully to avoid staying there when the yellow line restrictions do come into force. These bays are mainly found in bus lanes.

Motorists who obstruct driveways or park unlawfully in doctors' bays, cycle hire bays, car club bays or mandatory disabled bays may also be penalised.

Similarly drivers should not park across dropped kerbs. These are found on virtually every street corner and allow people who need to use wheelchairs or mobility scooters and parents with pushchairs to safely cross the road. These drivers are likely to receive a penalty charge notice.

Motorists using the car parks in Battersea Park will still need to buy a pay and display ticket or pay-by-phone. There is no free parking at any time in the park.

Normal parking rules will also apply on the borough’s housing estates - drivers who do not have a valid parking permit should not use these parking spaces.

The council has recently replaced 140 coin-operated parking machines with new machines that  accept credit and debit cards so that drivers will no longer need to fumble for change. If you do not have a card on you, there will still be coin-operated machines nearby.

You can also pay to park via the Parkmobile service, which means you can pay via your mobile phone without needing to use a machine at all. Visit

For details of the parking restrictions on the red routes which are operated by Transport for London on behalf of the Mayor of London please visit

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Recent comments

Even the City Of London do not penalise people for parking on all yellow lines during public holidays in ( Wandsworth council's stance is perplexing. Perhaps, instead of pretending to have the lowest council tax, they should maybe increase it so that they wouldn't have to rely on such ridiculous measures to bring more money in.

28 December 2015

What a scandal! So new parking rules are published on a Friday 28th August (probably evening) to take effect on bank holiday Monday. The Council tends to validate the story of the parking attendant hiding behind one's car in order to issue a penalty ticket. Even with the shortest of notices, no information was available on the Council's main website let alone on the street. If motorist is caught up with this unethical (and probably illegal) money-making venture, my advise is make an appeal.

4 September 2015

Will it always be free parking on Bank Holidays or will the Wandsworth council announce at last minute on selective bank holidays.

2 September 2015

Today bank holiday monday ,i will park outside my salon at 55 balham high rd .This is a red route with parking boxes for unloading and loading during the week and sunday all day free. I hope i am not penalised,as i will advise my clients to park outside serene beauty and health 55 Balham high rd .
keith smith

31 August 2015

So I've come home tonight and my street is packed with cars in bays, outside my garage and house is a yellow line that I can park on over the weekends, but now on a bank holiday Monday, I'll get a ticket - great cost on top of my resident parking permit. Have a rethink...!
Jimmy C

31 August 2015

This is ridiculous. Please think again Wandsworth Council - many people will fall into this trap unwittingly and needlessly.

29 August 2015

Why confuse motorists with this silly rule that the police say they don't enforce on a bank holiday. The traffic levels are no different from a Sunday so I guess it's just a money making scheme by the councils again by issuing tickets. Come one Wandsworth, stop issuing tickets on bank holidays

29 August 2015