Life after school

Published: Thursday 27th August 15

Not sure what to do after you leave school? A specialist council team can help.

From September all young people must continue in education or training until their 18th birthday under new legislation known as the “Raising of the Participation Age” (RPA).


If they don’t want to stay on at school, they must attend a college, get a job with training or an apprenticeship, become self-employed or become a volunteer. A dedicated council team has been set up to work with schools and students to give them the information and support they need.

The council aims to ensure all students have access to education or training after Year 13 and the team will be working with schools and colleges and other council departments to track the progress of students as they move on.

Wandsworth’s participation rate for sixteen year olds staying on in education or training is currently 97 per cent, and 92 per cent for 17 year olds. The aim is to reach a hundred per cent.

To find out more, get help finding a place or register for free updates email the team at  or

You can also watch a video on You Tube and hear other young people talking about their experiences.


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