Local families celebrate new affordable homes in Tooting

Published: Wednesday 26th August 15

A family with two children with special needs have hailed their new affordable rent home on Mitcham Road, Tooting as “life changing”.

The Rose family moved into the specially designed accessible home last June, which was built by housing  association Wandle on the site of their former offices.

The site has been transformed into 15 homes for affordable rent, including the Rose family’s new wheelchair accessible home, and one more wheelchair accessible flat on the ground floor.

Mr and Mrs Rose celebrated moving into their new home by inviting Wandle Chief Executive Tracey Lees and Wandsworth Council housing spokesperson Cllr Paul Ellis to meet their family, and to see first hand the difference the property is making to their lives. 

Mrs Rose, Mitcham Road resident, said:

“Our new Wandle home is truly life changing for my boys and for us as a family. It works with us, not against us, making life so much easier.  To have two children with special needs makes life harder, as the most basic of tasks becomes complicated. For families like ours, your living environment has a huge impact on quality of life. I believe this build should be used as an outstanding example for the development of similar wheelchair adapted homes.

Tracey Lees, Wandle Chief Executive:

“A decent, affordable home is a basic need for a family, yet for many people it’s more of a dream than a reality. We are really pleased to welcome the Rose family to their new Wandle home, and are really proud to be providing some of the quality homes for families in Wandsworth which are in such high demand.” 

Councillor Paul Ellis, Wandsworth Council housing spokesman:

“This is another very impressive development from Wandle and I’m delighted to see how happy the Rose family and their neighbours are with their new homes. Across Wandsworth we’re on course to build more than 400 affordable homes this year and that number is set to rise again in 2016.”

The development meets Wandsworth Council’s targets for sustainability and achieves Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, meaning that they were constructed with sustainability, environmental sensitivity and energy efficiency in mind.

High performance, energy saving materials were used and photovoltaic panels have been installed to generate on-site renewable energy. Any surplus energy goes back to the grid with the resident receiving the benefit.

The new homes at Mitcham Road are much bigger than similar new build properties, with floor spaces which are larger than the standard set out in the London Housing Design Guide. 

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