Investigation launched into house demolition in conservation area

Published: Friday 31st July 15

The council has launched an investigation into the partial demolition of a large residential property in West Putney which has been carried out without planning consent.

Builders appear to have substantially demolished the large family home in Gwendolen Avenue, which is part of the West Putney conservation area.

Substantial or total demolition of a property in a conservation area without the appropriate permissions is an offence under planning laws.

The council’s planning enforcement team has now launched an investigation into the precise scale and nature of the demolition and the reasons behind it.

Depending on the outcome of that investigation, the owner or developer could face enforcement action, and could be ordered to rebuild the property. If it is deemed that an offence has been committed under planning laws they could also face prosecution.

Planning chairman Cllr Sarah McDermott said; “It is important that we get to the bottom of what has happened in Gwendolen Avenue and closely examine the scale of the work that has been carried out here and the reasons why this has been done.

“There is no planning consent in place for any works to be carried out at this property and certainly no permission to demolish.

“This is in issue that will have caused great concern to neighbours and others living in the conservation area. This is a very striking historic property with great architectural value that makes a very important contribution to the street scene and to the conservation area as a whole 

“This is why it’s important we find out what has happened and why.”

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