Lots of fun activities in Putney to mark Sunday’s bike event

Published: Thursday 30th July 15

With bike fans heading to Putney this weekend to watch the Prudential Ride London cycle races, there will be plenty of other attractions for people to enjoy.

Around 20,000 amateur and professional cyclists will be passing through Putney on Sunday as part of this annual event.

And to mark the day a series of attractions are being staged to add to the excitement of the occasion, provide fun activities for local families, promote local businesses and encourage people to think about green travel and how they can help improve local air quality.

A car free street party will be held in Lacy Road where people can race their friends on static bicycles and generate electricity, promoting green energy and cycling.

The Big Wheel Theatre Company will be performing their show ‘The Pollution Solution’ throughout the day highlighting ways to tackle climate change and the growing problem of air pollution, by travelling in a sustainable way and plant green walls, hedges and bushes.

Family favourites Eddie Catz will have a bouncy castle and offer face painting, popcorn and candy floss.

The Al Fresco Steel Band will be playing between 1pm and 3.30pm while the council’s environment team will be available all day to discuss the borough’s air quality action plan and offer advice on how local people can support its aims.

Local businesses Sporting Feet and Crewroom will be offering special discounts on the day, while Guiliano and Urban Diner will have lots of outside seating available where customers can take in the atmosphere and enjoy their food.

The Coat and Badge pub will have a Pimms station and an outside barbecue, as well as a special raffle to raise money for disability charity Scope.

Putney High Street will be closed to all vehicle traffic from 6am on Sunday while Wimbledon Parkside, Tibbet’s Corner, Tibbet's Ride, Putney Hill, and Putney Bridge will close from 7am. They are expected to reopen at around 7.30pm once all the riders have departed.

Chelsea Bridge, Albert Bridge and Battersea Bridge will all be closed while Wandsworth Bridge will be closed with access for residents only from 7am to around 7.30pm.

The Putney Exchange car park will however remain open for the day with access via Lacy Road from the west as the barrier at Mascotte Road will be opened for the day.  Putney Town Centre is very much open for business. 

Some bus services will be diverted, temporarily suspended or terminate earlier than their usual destination as a result of the road closures - and there will be stops that are temporarily relocated or suspended. Trains to Putney will run as normal.

For more information about the event visit http://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/. For maps showing the routes, road closures and other travel news visit www.tfl.gov.uk/

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Recent comments

Actually disgusted that there was no sign posts prior to today's events. I had no way of getting to my home with my 6 year old disabled child. To top it off, the marshals had a disgusting attitude and were whistling people and click there fingers to give instructions. I have just had to address the manor of a round Marshall who thought he could put his hand up to me. Not impressed at the lack of for warning for busy people who do not have the time to check your website everyday!!! It took me 10 minutes to cross the main round with all my shopping and my child as no alternative route had been made available for residence off the Green Man. I took it soon myself to inform the poor drivers in que on the Green Man, unaware it was blocked!

2 August 2015

Its absolutely appalling that so many bridges are closed for this event. Its deliberate and exceeding deceitful of the Prudential to fill it's web pages with poor maps and meaningless pictures of happy clappy cyclists without single coordinated diagram which indicates the total number of bridges which are closed. I suspect the reason for this is to avoid, demonstrating the extent of the hardship and inconvenience caused. The big news of the event should read "London chokes its self for fun". Lets stop this nonsense before it establishes a precedence.
Mike Phelan

2 August 2015

Again, why do residents of Putney Hill have to be trapped into their homes year on year by this event? I am not against the race per se but please can you lobby the organisers to vary the route year on year so that residents of the roads that have been closed for the past three years running get some respite and do not have either to miss events they would otherwise have gone to (that are out of London and inaccessible by public transport) or have to make costly arrangements to stay elsewhere to get flights or visit relatives (in one case I know with people who have travelled from abroad specifically)? I have written to my local councillors and have been deafened by the silence, and this is not good enough for inconvenienced residents.

30 July 2015