New pavement for Clapham Common Westside

Published: Thursday 30th July 15

Residents living on part of Clapham Common Westside are to see their local environment improved with the installation of a brand new pavement outside their homes.

Work has just begun to install new paving stones in the section of footpath between Nightingale Lane and Walsingham Place.

This will enhance the area’s appearance and is the latest in a series of on-going environmental improvements carried out by the council.

In the last financial year the town hall spent just under £2m laying new pavements across the borough.

The figure does not include the continuing cost of small scale repairs which are carried out daily to keep the borough’s streets as safe and attractive as possible.

Around 35 major reconstruction projects were included in the 12 month period that ended on March 31.

Among the bigger schemes were Westleigh Avenue in Putney, where new pavement was laid between Granard Avenue and Carslake Road; Wimbledon Park Road between Victoria Drive and Pirbright Road; Northcote Road between Battersea Rise and Broomwood Road and Ansell Road between Lingwell Road and the Upper Tooting Road.    

The pavement revamp follows a town hall blitz on potholes which saw more than 17,000 repaired in 2014 as part of a £6.4m spend on improving local road surfaces.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We know that our residents take great pride in the borough which is why we put this amount of resource into these environmental improvements.

“It is through the council’s prudent management of its finances that we were able to find this money and keep our borough’s streets and pavements looking good.”

Residents can report potholes or broken pavements via or by emailing

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Please see the email sent today regarding dangerous pavements on Temperley Road and Pickets Street.
Merilyn Potter

5 August 2015

What a pity that we still have to put wellington boots on to walk down our pavement when it rains because of the lakes which form. The lakes sit up against the front walls of the houses. Apparently, though, Wandsworth isn't interested in doing things which make life easier for council tax payers. They are only interested in cosmetic work which is visible to the maximum number of people. Our street is out of sight and, therefore, not a priority. I have no faith in WBC's sense of fairness.

30 July 2015