Enjoy open air film screenings in Wandsworth Park

Published: Wednesday 22nd July 15

Film buffs can enjoy watching movies under the stars when Wandsworth Park screens two blockbusters next week.

The Luna Cinema, which specialises in open air screenings, will be showing two films in the park next week – Cool Runnings on Tuesday, July 28 followed by Breakfast At Tiffany's on Wednesday, July 29. 

Enjoy watching a film under the stars

Cool Runnings (cert PG) is a 1993 comedy that tells the story of the Jamaican bobsleigh team’s efforts to compete in the Winter Olympics – when none of the team have ever seen snow.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (cert U) was first screened in 1961 and is one of Audrey Hepburn’s most celebrated roles. It’s a romantic comedy based on Truman Capote's novel and won two academy awards.

Tickets for both films are available from Luna Cinema’s website - www.thelunacinema.com. There will be drinks and food on sale and people can even book a pre-film three course meal served in a 1967 Bedford van or a 1982 Californian Linen van. People can bring their own chairs or book special blankets with back rests.

For more information about prices, times and food and drink options visit the company's website.

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Recent comments

Hi Osmund. Took a look last night and it wasn't as crazy as I thought it might be, so I am a little more relaxed particularly if the noise wasn't disruptive. But I would still like to know if they did an EIA as apart from the usual crows and parakeets roosting nearby, there are also bats regularly feeding there and recently even an owl...So it is not as devoid of wildlife as some may think. I still want to know if it made a profit and if they are going to put it back into doing a little maintenance to make the park a little less "bare" as funds always appear to be short.
Gavin Franklin

29 July 2015

It's pretty uncomfortable sitting on a hard bit of grass for 2 hours whilst craning your neck up to look at the screen. I recommend a sun lounger type chair.
A Hampson

26 July 2015

Gavin, you don't seem too familiar with Wandsworth Park. It is a pretty small, bare, neat, people-oriented classic Victorian park, alongside a busy road, with no 'wild' areas and not a lot of wildlife (except on the adjacent river). I don't mind it, though, it's good for people use, and we have to have such places in cities. Besides, unlike the major and extended effects on Battersea Park by the Formula E fiasco, a couple of hours for just two nights with something considerably less noise-intrusive than, say, fireworks or a concert seems pretty non-contentious. I'm very much a man for quiet wild places (and a nearby resident), and I don't have an issue with it at all.
Osmund Bullock

25 July 2015

Has the impact on the local wildlife within the park and the local residents been considered, if so how and what was the conclusion? How much profit is the council making on this venture? Will that profit be spent on the park? Thank you.
Gavin Franklin

25 July 2015