Green light for Wandsworth’s first 63 compact starter homes

Published: Thursday 2nd July 15

The council has approved plans for 63 compact starter homes which will be offered to Wandsworth residents to buy at below market prices.

The new development will open up the bank of the River Wandle

The new homes will be provided within a 25 storey building on a disused site on Mapleton Crescent, Wandsworth Town centre.

The development will also provide 23 properties for sale on the open market, as well as indoor and outdoor communal spaces where all of the building’s residents can relax and socialise.

The proposal, which was approved by councillors at the June meeting of the planning committee, is by innovative home builder Pocket.

It has been designed by architects Metropolitan Workshop and will be clad in ceramic green tiles.

Each of the 63 one-bedroom affordable homes is designed to make the best use of space, including floor-to-ceiling windows, under floor heating and built-in storage.

Local buyers will be offered the chance to purchase the properties outright with a discount of at least 20 per cent on the open market value, with many of the flats offered with even higher discounts.

Priority will go to Wandsworth residents who can’t afford local house prices. To see if you qualify, contact the council’s dedicated  homeownership team or find out more on Pocket’s website.

Planning applications chairman Sarah McDermott said:

“These compact starter homes are a superb innovation and will provide local people with a new affordable housing option in the heart of Wandsworth Town centre. I’m sure they will be a popular choice with local residents who can’t afford to buy on the open market and we hope to see more schemes like this developed in the years ahead.

“The building’s design is equally impressive, particularly the green ceramic cladding system which will be another first for Wandsworth. The emphasis on creating such high quality communal areas is another welcome innovation.”

Read the full planning committee report online.

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Recent comments

Apart from being rather hideous, could you please tell us what you really mean by compact? Is it Somewhere without room to swing a cat? Could you give the dimensions of the rooms please.
Mrs. Marilyn Maguire

5 July 2015

So despite all of the complaints by the local resident that the site was not in keeping with anything, the complaints about the hideous green exterior, and the concern over the ownership of Pocket, the council ignored the complaints & agreed the build anyway.

4 July 2015

I wonder how many of the borough's residents who are on the national average wage can really afford to buy in the borough? Compact or not?
Catherine Cross

3 July 2015