Don’t forget to send your postal vote

Published: Thursday 30th April 15

People who have requested postal votes for next week’s Parliamentary election and Earlsfield by-election are being reminded to mail them to the town hall as quickly as possible.

Postal voters are being advised not to leave it until the last minute before returning their ballot papers.

The election is being held in one week’s time - Thursday, May 7- so it’s important that people act now. If these votes are not received before 10pm on polling day they won't be counted.

If you haven’t yet received your postal vote, you should contact the electoral services team at or call (020) 8871 6023 immediately. 

For more information about the election visit

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I am an expat with a registered postal vote but despite chasing my form has not arrived- it's Monday afternoon now! I applied for registration and got an acknowledment MONTHS ago!
David Rosemont

4 May 2015