Every local child has been offered a primary school place

Published: Friday 17th April 15

Figures published yesterday show a big increase in the number of Wandsworth parents who have been offered their first choice of primary school.

Parents who have applied for a primary school place in September 2015 have now been told the result of their application.

In total 77.5 per cent of parents were offered their first choice school – a rise of 4.2 per cent on the previous year.

Parents offered one of their top three preferred choices climbed to 91.5 per cent – up from 87.4 per cent in 2014.     

The number of applications received for a reception class place at a Wandsworth primary rose by just over one per cent, compared to the previous year.

All parents who applied for a school place have been offered one. There are no children without a school place and 17 of the borough’s primaries still have some vacancies.   

Parents who have a query about the place they have been offered or wish to enquire about a vacancy at another school should contact the town hall’s schools admissions team. 

Parents are being advised if possible to contact the team by email – submitting their query to admissions@wandsworth.gov.uk. More information is also available online at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/admissions.

The schools admission process is co-ordinated across the capital by the Pan-London admissions system, which is managed by the umbrella group London Councils.

Helen Jenner, Chair of the Pan London Admissions Board, said: “Despite the fact that boroughs received a record number of applications for primary school places, more pupils have been offered a place of their choice than ever before.”

According to the schools standard watchdog Ofsted, 96 per cent of Wandsworth’s primary schools are currently classed as either good or outstanding. 

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Less good offers than most other London boroughs. See Telegraph figures published today.
Celia Blair

17 April 2015

Better but still much less good than other cities across the country in terms of offers of first and first 3 preference places. The Telegraph has the figures. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/11541993/Primary-school-admissions-2015-local-authority-figures.html
Celia Blair

17 April 2015