Free parking on Easter weekend bank holidays

Published: Tuesday 31st March 15

Motorists are being advised that they can park for free in marked out parking bays in the borough’s controlled parking zones on bank holidays over Easter.

Drivers can park free of charge for as long as they like in designated parking bays in all the borough’s parking zones on Good Friday and Easter Monday. They will not need to purchase a pay and display ticket, pay-by-phone or display a parking permit if they use marked parking bays on these two bank holidays. 

However they must avoid parking on yellow lines as these restrictions will still be in force. This is because yellow lines are normally situated at places where parked vehicles could cause a hazard or an obstruction.

Drivers who leave their cars in parking bays that are only partially available throughout the day should check the signs carefully to avoid staying there when the yellow line restrictions do come into force. These bays are mainly found in bus lanes.

Motorists who obstruct driveways or park unlawfully in doctors' bays or mandatory disabled bays may also be penalised.

Similarly drivers should not park across dropped kerbs. These are found on virtually every street corner and allow people who need to use wheelchairs or mobility scooters and parents with pushchairs to safely cross the road. As well as receiving a penalty notice, vehicles that breach these rules may be towed away

Motorists using the car parks in Battersea Park over the Easter break will still need to buy a pay and display ticket or pay-by-phone on the two bank holidays. There is no free parking at any time in the park.

Normal parking rules will also apply on the borough’s housing estates - drivers who do not have a valid parking permit should not use these parking spaces.

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Recent comments

does this apply to subsequent bank holidays, I am wanting to visit Wandsworth on Monday 25th May 2015 but will not be able to do so if normal restrictions are in place
John Smith

20 May 2015

I think cars should be allowed to park on single yellow lines on Bank Holidays in the Wandsworth area, as they are currently allowed on restricted hours Mon -Sat and any time on Sunday. Bank Holiday city traffic is usually just as quiet, or even quieter than Sunday traffic and therefore, parking on single yellow lines on a Bank Holiday should not pose any greater hazard or cause any more obstruction than it does on a Sunday. This is an odd ruling that does not seem to make sense. Mr Chapman
keith chapman

11 May 2015

Central London have four days of free parking during the Easter bank holiday weekend. Ref BBC news Should Wandworth not have done like this? Parking holiday on Easter for four days. Thanks

4 April 2015

You should make it clear that you still need to pay for Saturday. People will see your headline "free parking over Easter " and end up with a ticket. What you mean is Good Friday and Easter Monday are free...

2 April 2015

Fines for parking on a yellow line on a bank holiday ? Another money making scheme from devious councils When will you all grow up and chill out. Police tell me they would not fine for oarking on a single yellow on a bank holiday. There is the same (if not less in London) traffic on the road so there is no relevance of it being busier

2 April 2015

I agree with Sara. Presumably the hazard or obstruction that causes the reason for the yellow lines simply vanishes on Sundays. I noticed this yellow line rule start in Chelsea two years ago and it just gave the wardens a jamboree as they waited like vultures for the cars to park and then swept up 20 at a time. It's an absolute disgrace that councils are using these changed laws to simply increase their parking fines. Added to the massive rises in parking permits it demonstrates Wandsworth's utter contempt for car owners. All we are to them is a cash cow.
Jaimes Baker

2 April 2015

You should allow people to park across driveways with a signed statement of permission from the householder. They do this in Richmond as a matter of course, having council issued dockets for this express purpose. People with off street parking often have friends and family staying and it would free up more on-street parking for other people.
Sara Farber

2 April 2015

It's good that the parking bay rules don't apply but it doesn't make any sense that you cannot park on Yellow lines due to dangerous obstruction when this same rule does not apply on Sundays - do the dangers just disappear? The bank holidays are just as quiet as Sundays so I cannot see why the same yellow lline rules don't apply. Regards

2 April 2015

does this free parking include Saturday $th of April?
andy Mutter

2 April 2015