Councils unite behind Gatwick expansion

An artist's impression of a two runway Gatwick Airport

Published: Friday 27th March 15

The leaders of Wandsworth, Croydon , Kingston and Southwark councils have published a joint letter in the Evening Standard newspaper highlighting the benefits Gatwick expansion would bring to the south of London.

The letter reads:

For decades investment in south London’s transport network has lagged behind the rest of the capital. Public spending has gravitated towards established economic centres in the north and west where returns come relatively quickly. Recently the Olympics has also drawn focus to the east where the benefits of a comprehensive transport upgrade are now accumulating.   

But those boroughs below the Thames remain, to some extent, overlooked. In the absence of a fully developed Tube network we rely heavily on rail and road systems which are now operating over capacity every working day. Our economy is inevitably constrained. Opportunities to force a change to our imbalanced transport investment cycle are few and far between.

Gatwick expansion is just such an opportunity. A high capacity, world-class airport due south of the capital would strengthen the entire south London region and decisions on future transport investment would be made on a more level playing field.

In places with direct connections to Gatwick, like London Bridge, Clapham Junction and Croydon, the economic impacts of an expanded airport would be immediate. Existing home building, regeneration and job creation projects would be energised. In the years to follow other part of south London would feel the warming affects as a fairer share of transport spending flows through the region. Untapped potential would be tapped and the result would be thousand of jobs and homes.

An expanded Gatwick is a once in a generation opportunity for south London and we have to take it.

Ravi Govindia, leader of Wandsworth Council

Tony Newman, leader of Croydon Council

Kevin Davis, leader of Kingston Council

Peter John, leader of Southwark Council

There is cross-party support for an additional runway at Gatwick Airport on Wandsworth Council.

Find out more about the council’s backing for Gatwick online.

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Recent comments

Well said Colin. It's probably not even as high as 10%. I am fortunate enough to be able to live in Putney and would prefer the council to promote/invest in improved transport links to Heathrow. How much money does Wandsworth waste on this propaganda. Looking at the amount of property development underway in the area it's plain that there are no shortage of buyers. As for being bothered in Battersea by aircraft noise I seriously wonder what planet these people are on. If you are a light sleeper then seek medical help if you need to, or question whether the area is right for you. For the few thousands that seem to be troubled I would suggest there are a few 100s of thousands grateful for the economic benefits Heathrow brings.
Dom Robinson

1 April 2015

Anna, some of us depend on Heathrow for our livelihood and just get on with our lives. I wouldn't mind betting that probably only 10% of the Wandsworth population are significantly bothered by this non issue being whipped up by the dear leader Govindia and associated clowns.
Colin Ivany

31 March 2015

I am totally behind the council on Gatwick expansion. We are sick and tired of being over flown in Battersea making lives a misery. If Heathrow have another runway London will be a very unpleasant place to live

27 March 2015

It is not sufficient to argue this case on the basis of the benefits to south London alone. The airport expansion decision has to serve the interests of the country as a whole, and our Councils have got to make their case on these grounds if they want to be heard.
Stephen Wright

27 March 2015

The article would carry even more authority if someone had taken the trouble to proofread it - alongside some clunky English, there are 4 errors in para 4 alone.

27 March 2015

Can't help but think that "feel the warming affects" is an unfortunate phrase - unless of course council leaders are referring to the ine itable addition to global warming which will follow from any growth of air traffic into the London area.

27 March 2015