See the history of the Boat Race in pictures

Published: Thursday 26th March 15

Go along to the Putney Exchange from Monday (March 30) to view an exhibition on the history of the Boat Race.

The race in 1869

A History of Rowing in Putney will feature historical Boat Race photos, cartoons and engravings as well as contemporary works by local artists.

'Thames Regatta' 1844

Putney first hosted the start of the race in 1836. Every year since then thousands of visitors have flock to the town to watch the Oxford and Cambridge crews set off down the river to Mortlake.

The Putney Exchange has donated an empty unit near the Lacy Road entrance to host the exhibition, curated by the town centre manager and run by volunteers from Waitrose, the Putney Society and Friends of Wandsworth Museum.

The exhibition celebrates the news that for the first time in the event’s 186-year history the women’s race will be held on the same day, and on the same stretch of water, as the men’s.

This year the Boat Race will be on April 11. Bars, pubs and shops are expected to welcome visitors with events and special offers, and there will be a gourmet food market in Church Square.

The town is expected to be very busy, and spectators are being urged to arrive via public transport. Many buses serve Putney, and there is a mainline rail station and two District Line tube stations to chose from.

The exhibition will run from Monday March 30 to Sunday April 12 from 10am to 4.30pm (closed Easter Sunday).

The start of the route in 1962



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Small point, but I think they go up the river, not down it! And it's 'flocked', in the second paragraph.

2 April 2015

Nice idea!

26 March 2015

I thought the Lacy Road entrance to the Putney Exchange had been closed with Waitrose's expansion......
Ivonne Holliday

26 March 2015