Families will soon be scaling the treetops in high-rise adventure course

Published: Friday 20th March 15

Work has now begun on building Battersea Park’s exciting new family-friendly treetop adventure course.

Go Ape, the multi-award winning forest adventure company with 28 sites across the country, has started creating its first ‘City Park Adventure’ attraction in the park, suitable for anyone aged six and over.

Incorporating some of the park’s taller trees, the tree top obstacle course will offer people a thrilling and challenging leisure experience employing state-of-the-art safety features under the close supervision of fully-trained members of staff.

The adventure course will use some of the park's tallest trees

 It will be the first of its kind in central London and is expected to be hugely popular with people enjoying birthday celebrations and other special family events. It is expected to open in May and will provide up to 30 full time and part time jobs for local people.

Environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This will be yet another great reason for people to visit Battersea Park. 

“These tree-top adventure courses really are fantastic fun and we are delighted to be working with Go Ape to bring such a high-quality leisure attraction to the borough. 

“The equipment used to create Go Ape’s treetop platforms and obstacle course is specially designed so that it does not harm or damage the park’s trees in any way. This was a really important consideration for us when it came to negotiating this agreement.”

Children’s services spokesman Cllr Kathy Tracey said: “This has the potential to become a really popular outdoor attraction offering young people and their parents a fun-packed and confidence building activity they can enjoy together. 

“I suspect it will be the first thing that many children ask to do when they’re thinking about how to celebrate their birthdays.”

Go Ape’s business development manager Ben Davies added: “It’s great to be hitting another milestone for Go Ape as we move ahead with the construction of our new City Parks site. We believe it will bring significant benefits for adventure-seeking visitors as well as the local economy.  

“Battersea Park is an iconic location with a great family atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for people to enjoy the fun-filled adventure that the Go Ape experience offers. This is great news for people of all ages who want to enjoy a really exhilarating and different day out in the park.”

For more information visit www.goape.co.uk/days-out/battersea-park

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Another money-making venture in our public park? WBC seem to think they have a right to turn Battersea into a fee-paying theme park. Slippery slope?
Celia Blair

23 March 2015

And how many local families will be able to afford it? Let us remember that this replaces the Adventure Playground which allowed ALL young people to take advantage, regardless of income. According to their website the cheapest Go Ape have elsewhere is £18 per person - that amounts to far more than most Battersea families can afford.

20 March 2015