Work under way on 57 new council homes in Battersea

Published: Tuesday 17th January 17

Building work is under way at three new housing development sites, as part of the council’s long-running Hidden Homes initiative.

The developments, at Thessaly Road (above), Deeley Road (below) and Stewarts Road (bottom), will provide a total of 57 high quality new council homes, ranging in size from one to four bedrooms, with works being carried out by Glenman Corporation Ltd and expected to be finished from summer 2018.

It is intended that priority will go to Patmore, Savona and Carey Gardens estates council tenants who want to downsize to a brand new property, or households which are overcrowded.

Once these households move in, the homes they leave behind will be offered to other Wandsworth residents needing to move, creating chains of beneficial moves.

Cllr Paul Ellis, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “Through our Hidden Homes initiative, Wandsworth is one of the few authorities to have consistently built new council homes to meet local need, with more than 250 completed so far, and sites identified across the borough to build another 300 within the next three to five years.

“Providing new, high quality homes for local people is a key part of the council’s Aspirations programme to improve the quality of life across the borough through new housing, employment and training support, and access to sporting and cultural opportunities.”

The 57 new council homes are being built on three sites as follows:

· 15 on the corner of Thessaly Road and Deeley Road, in a four-storey block of eight flats and a row of seven two-storey houses

· 22 in a four-storey block on Stewarts Road

· 20 in a new four- and five-storey block on Deeley Road

It is intended to name the blocks after local First World War soldiers who received the Victoria Cross, the highest armed forces award for gallantry in the face of the enemy.

As part of the developments, consideration will also be given to any environmental improvements required that would both complement the developments and improve the areas around them.

If you are interested in downsizing into one of these new homes, contact Wandsworth Council’s Housing Moves and Mobility team on 020 8871 7666 or email

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Recent comments

I live 100m from Thessaly rd where some flats will be built. Where can I apply for one of these?? How do I know if I am eligible? I live on a private flat on Wenham house. Thanks
Andrea Queiroz

27 January 2017

How long before this new housing ends up looking like the slums they are replacing ?? When I grew up the council estate at the end of the road - Churchill Gardens housed the likes of school teachers - folk working in essential services - now they would never get on a housing list.
Liz D

21 January 2017

What a brilliant and very touching idea to name the blocks after local First World War soldiers who received the Victoria Cross. Not only does this honour genuine local heroes who might otherwise have been forgotten, but it will hopefully stimulate young people to learn more about WWI and the truly awesome bravery and sense of duty of so many ordinary Wandsworth citizens. Something to be very proud of.

17 January 2017