Conference to help get Jobs for the Girls

Published: Wednesday 18th February 15

Women are invited to find out how they can break into male-dominated careers at next month’s Jobs for the Girls careers conference, organised by the council’s Work Match team.

The one day conference aims to increase women’s awareness of sectors in which females are currently under-represented, including construction, finance, banking, science and technology, aviation, the emergency services and the armed forces.

This event is being held in the run-up to International Women’s Day 2015. Wandsworth women and girls from all backgrounds will be able to talk to companies such as Lend Lease and Skanska and take part in interactive workshops and other confidence-boosting activities.

Cabinet member Sarah McDermott will be speaking at the event. She said:

“Wandsworth residents are ideally placed to make the most of all the great jobs available in London in banking, construction, finance and other industries, but we fear that too many women have doubts about these being realistic career options.

“We want students, job seekers and all our women to see that they can succeed in whatever they choose to do. By holding this conference the council aims to help them see that they can succeed in male-dominated jobs, and to enable them to find out what first steps they need to take.”

The Jobs for the Girls careers conference is on Friday March 6 in the Wandsworth Civic Suite, Wandsworth High Street.

For more information and to book a place visit

The conference is part of a range of employment support offered through the Wandsworth Jobs Package – a unique set of employment support services for local residents. Hundreds of local people have already secured jobs, apprenticeships and training. Find out which service can help you at

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Well the girls are not diverse looking enough ie not all wear makeup and are circa 23 and size 8. My daughter is at uni doing science and in the lab all the time. She looks normal ie no make up (infact spotty), black, 6ft, needing braces (no I exaggerate but you get the point). Many labs are not this modern and hi tech. Shall we talk about pay ie star on teh same grade as a man, stay in the job 3 years and if you are a 'girl' you will be in the same position 3 years later and your male colleague will be your manager, nay your manager's manager. Also you cannot say jobs for the girls in the same way as you say it for the boys. Sounds patronising. Find something suitable. The sentiments are in the right place though.
Sheri Odoffin

6 March 2015

My sentiments exactly M I. Patronising much, 'job's for the girls' takes away any good intention

19 February 2015

It is such a shame that this conference (which is a great idea in itself) is called 'Jobs for the Girls'. Women will struggle to succeed in male-dominated professions if they are perceived as girls, and using the term 'girls' in the conference name only serves to reinforce the stereotyping that the event is supposed to address.

19 February 2015